Dreaming After Waking Up

I don't know if this is possible or if it was in my mind.

I'm very easily scared. I hate scary movie. I hate free falling. I'm terrified of spider and death. And everything else thats normal to fear. Because Im easily scared and have so many fears I get a lot of nightmares. So many nightmares I have to take sleeping pills and my sleep sechedule is topsy turvey. I feel safer sleeping during during the day.

Well one normal night I fell asleep without sleeping pills and started to dream.

I was in front of this house in an old neighbourhood I use to live in. It was dark and cloudy night. I started walkin up a curvy walk way full of bushes and trees to the door. As I walk in I we my father standing there whispering to me but I couldn't make out what he was saying. I turn to a table, it was dark only having the light of the moon from a window shine on the table. It was a blurr but I started to see something on the table. It was my mother face down on top of the table. I tried to turn her I around but I couldn't. I scream and scream for help, but it became harder and harder. Tired, screaming, and crying I tried one more time. I pull on her arm and her leg to turn her. I stumble backward hearding this scream of agony and pain. I look up and my mother is screaming as loud as she can. Blood dripping and pouring everywhere. I try to find where the blood was coming from. And that when I realize something was in my hand. Her leg. I ripped off her leg.

So scared in this dream I force myself to open my eyes and wake up but as I can see my bedroom window that I was facing toward I can see my dream, my moms face, the blood, and her leg. I close my eyes shut real tight and reopen to my bedroom wall. I didn't sleep the rest of that night.

Lydith Lydith
Jan 11, 2013