Don,t Like To Say I Told You So

well this dream was many years ago.. I was living with a guy and we were getting along great. I had a dream that I seen him laying in bed almost dead lookin.I told him the next mournin your not going to beleive this but something bad is going to happen to you and your goin to try and kill me I think.he says not likely I love you baby. I said please take this seriouscause I don,t want to have to say I told you so.basically he said it would never happen.Two weeks later he was at aparty and I went to the bar next door. all my freinds were going to another party at the falls. Big bonfire and lots of people. I said sure got a drive there with some freinds.there were lots of people there.I was having fun chattin havin a few drinksand then someone hollared hey theres (john) thats what i,ll call himand he doesn,t look happy. I had back to him and didn,t see him behind me. when he grabbed my arm I slipped and fell.One of the guys that was next to me grabbed John and he said we don,t like women beaters .and gave him a push to the ground .I said no he,s not hurting me I slipped.anyways the other guy walks toward his buddies and John goes after him the other guy has his back away from John and his buddies say watch your bud.his reaction was he turn with a beer bottle in his hand and wacked John in the face.John fell to the ground and all hell broke loose. There must have been 7 or 8 guys just kickin the crap out of him. A freind says to me you better get out of here cause when he gets up he,s not going to be happy.I left ran up the street went back to the bar.there was a few of us outside the bar when john pulled in to our place. we see him go in the shed comes back out with chainsaw.he gets it goin and hes swingin it back and forth then he gets in his truck takes off in the direction of the falls party.time goes by i go back to the house. I hear John coming in.I hear him destoying the kitchen cupboards the doors. I didnt get out of bed too scared to move. In comes John tares the blankes off me. He,s freakin angry cause i,m laying there naked. he says why the F... are you naked and he picks up the end of the bed staight up and down I fall to the floor. He says look at me this is your fault. I,m going to kill you. theres blood every where. I guess when the guy slashed his face with the beer bottle it sliced a main artery in his face. the blood was squirting out wards from his face.I said you need help fast your loosing too much blood.let me call an ambulance. he said no that he would wanted call his sister.He did and she got there pretty fast got him to the hospital. He came back the next mourning and he was laying down on the bed when I went in to see him.what I seen was exactly what I seen 2 weeks ago when I saw him lay there chalk white almost lookin dead.I had a few words with him . Just to say I told you something bad was going to happen. I packed my things up and moved out.
fletcherlake fletcherlake
46-50, F
Jan 15, 2013