What Are Dreams?

Are dreams our psychological television?
Are dreams adventure stemmed from your imagination?
Are dreams just our self conscience expressing itself?
Are dreams memories from past lives?
Are dreams messages from greater beings?
Are dreams nothing but colors and sounds?

Why do we dream?
Do we dream to cope with our past or present pain?
Do we dream to create hope?
Do we dream to stay sane?
Do we dream because we need to?

Who dreams?
Do you dream?
Do I dream?
Did you have a dream?
Why do you dream?

Can I dream anymore, from all of the horror I have seen, is there anyplace I can psychologically hide from my pain?
Methos4000 Methos4000
13-15, M
1 Response Feb 8, 2013

No, but you can heal it so you won't feel the need to hide anymore. Dreams exist even for this reason. Your text shows you are a very intelligent and sensitive person. Wish we could talk more about dreams, but EP Mobile won't let me view replies :(

Thank you for your input I like to think a lot