I Had A Really Weird Dream

so a couple of days ago, I had a dream that really freaked me out..it started off pretty normal in the beginning and then I became a character in the series "Once Upon a Time"..I was a boy, even though I am a female, who was being taken away from my mother by an evil queen; however, I liked the evil queen and was happy to be with her, then I went to sleep and on another bed were 2 FACELESS children that had voodoo dolls that were full of blood and holes and they were worn out, etc. Then I saw that one of the voodoo dolls was actually me and my voodoo doll was also worn out and full of blood etc etc
I'm really scared and I have no idea what this dream means..can anyone help me?
AlisonDil AlisonDil
Feb 21, 2013