I Normally Dream With Babies...But This Was Weird...Sextuplets?

I don't remember much of the dream, but I dream with babies a lot. Like at least once a night (I dream many dreams every night). In my baby dreams I am most of the time either having a baby (not too common), already have a baby or am taking over and taking care of someone elses baby because they "abandon" them or just don't want them.

Last night I was dreaming that I has givin birth to sextuplets, but I was being interviewed by some people and according to them this was my fourth sextuplets pregnancy. I knew about it but I only had the newborn sextuplets with me. Don't know about the others. I just knew I had 24 kids. Then I was off with my husband (I have no clue who this man is in my waking life... and I always dream myself physically different, never look like me). We were grocery shopping and I had all six babies with me but we had to be very careful because everyone around us wanted to kidnap the babies. So we were always putting the babies very close together in the stroller (that looked more like a small crib) and putting things around them, like tying a bed sheet around the stroller, to avoid anyone trying to take them if I were to be looking away for a min or so. And that was most of my concern during the dream, that people were trying to steal my babies. I woke up as I was fixing them in the stroller cause there were some people getting very close.
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Oh my! That is some dream