Creepy Dream

I am in my old neighborhood and looking at my old house, but the inside of the house is not mine. I am walking on the walls in the house and talking to a neighbor friend. My voice feels restricted. There is a deli where kitchen should be, my neighbor friend is there. He reaches in and touches a crab that has a scorpion's tale. Now the crab/scorpion is huge. and it kills him. I try to get out of the house but I'm locked in. Now I am outside and my voice stills feels weak when my dad comes home. I try to tell him what happened to keep him from going in the house, but he still goes in. I am searching all over for my dad and trying to call his name but my voice is still restricted until finally I overcome the restriction and I am now yelling for my dad. I never see or hear him so I assume that he is dead. Another neighbor (He looks like the congressman John Kerry but I don't know him as congressman John Kerry)comes over and asks me where my father is. I tell him that he is in the house but I don't think he is alive. I also tell him about the other neighbor and he says that is not funny and walks in the house to look for my dad. He is now locked in the house when I realize that the house or (something in the house) is killing people based off of their fears. It takes what they fear and manifests that. Now a black panther comes out of the kitchen towards my neighbor. He is terrified. The panther comes outside towards me as I am flying or floating away from it and it gets on it's hind legs to check me out, but I am too far for it to reach.

mcshnaky mcshnaky
26-30, M
Sep 14, 2009