I'm Always Dreaming About My Wife Having Sex With Another Man.

Is that strange that I want to see my wife get ****** by someone else?  I think about it all day everyday.  I image her just being ****** as I **** her. 

I have mentioned it and she says she is not interested.  Anyone out there in a similiar situation that got thier wife to participate?  Would love to hear about it.
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We swing with my bf from high school. Love seeing my wife play the part of a s**t. But, our sex life without my buddy being there is so passionless, I find myself dreaming every night about using her in a gang b**g. wake up aroused with no chance for release. Be careful what you wish for!

Im the same id love it for me to **** my wifes mouth while she being pounded by another guy.

Same here. My wife used to be against it but she has been reading a lot of erotic books and starting to come around.

What's weird is I'm a female that loves watching my husband **** other women! ;)

If she ever changes her mind, I'd love to be the one that gets to have sex with her! I've been browsing her photos getting hornier and hornier! She is so hot, especially in pantyhose!

Take her clubbing. Tell her to dress super sexy (because all the other women will - peer pressure). Get some alcohol in her to loosen her up. Challenge her to at least dance with other men (peer pressure again). The more intoxicated she gets, the more she will concede. Watch her experience guys grinding and groping her. You should be the first, kind of like priming her pump for the guys to follow. You'll also, in effect, be presenting her to the other men there. If she's hot, then she sill have no shortage of partners. When she feels their hardons and wandering hands and hear their suggestive desires, she will likely love it. Soon she will be sharing your table with her favorites. Talented hands beneath the table, and you excusing yourself to the bar or restroom, should put her over the edge.

Just keep showing her how arroused you get at the thought. Get her to role play, she will see the difference. And feel it :-) tell her that you think about her shagging another man. Complement her on the things she's good at and that all men will appreciate, especially the ones she fancies.......point out guys that you would like to see between her legs :-)) ask her who she likes, and why. Get her to wear sexy outfits and comment on the guys checking her out.....get her to feel really hot.....<br />
Then presto :-)) one day your in heaven and your wife is being appretiated by many a **** and feeling like she's a hot, desired woman, that knows how to make a man *** in the most wildest of sex she's ever going to experience. And have the man she loves, wanking himself silly and totally besotted with his wife and in sexual ecstasy for most of the time. Remember at present your thinking of her having sex with someone else, but when it's actually happening.....****!! you find yourself needing to *** constantly, wherever you are......ask any of these guys and their hot, beautiful, desired and ****** wives. Ask the bulls that keep, the sex-lives of such couples on constant boiling.......<br />
<br />
I'm going to ****, my wife has just been invited to a weeks party of dancing and sex, in a tropical setting. I can't wait to get the details.......

I have the same situation here as well. We have been married for 30 plus years and have always got the same answer NO! Doesn't mean I haven't stop asking.

I've had the same dream but it's not exclusive to men. One night my wife was out late and I texted her "Remember you're not on the pill. ;)". My bluntness set my cause back two steps but I'm working my way back. Be subtle, at least at first. You don't want her to feel devalued. If it's something she wants, she'll come around. At least that's what I'm hoping.

i would love to share my girl with another guy, it would be a huge turn on seeing her on his ****, sucking him etc, knowing how good she makes you feel! and waiting to see the *** shots! like our own live sex show!

Even before we were married I had told my wife that I had previously been in open relationships with my first wife and long term girlfriends. She insisted that she wanted a monogamous relationship. Over the years, I let her know that it would be okay with me if she had sex with other men if she found them attractive, as long as she told me about it; and I was willing to remain faithful to her. I would not use her ******* around to **** around myself. Finally, after sixteen years of marriage, she decided she wanted to date again. She started dating just like she was single. It was amazing how easy it was for my middle-aged, but still attractive wife to find younger, single men to date. She finally got laid by two of them. It was so hot when she went out, not not knowing if she was going to come home with a freshly-****** *****.

I had started almost identically to "splitslits" and although not gone through with it yet, it certainly changed her views of it. She was never with another man and was very much against it when I first mentioned. It took some time and slowly, mainly while having sex, she started "accepting" it. ****** were involved also, but she's never been too keen on them. Now we are even talking about it semi-seriously while out of bed. As any woman, she is very much turned on by the fact that it turns me on soooooooooo much, that she almost feels obliged to conform.<br />
We are planning our holiday overseas and that would be the only time I would be comfortable with it - no one who knows us, and someone we both like.... We'll see, but rest assured the girls CAN be converted into considering it....

I have posted before but since then...I actually watched her sucking **** and getting ******.We went to a adult only topless resort for vacation and told her..Have fun. I don't care.No one knows us and it's all in fun.Day one she was topless and having fun.Kissing other girls and just whatever and realized..it's all in fun and I am really ok with it. <br />
Night 2 we hooked up with some great friends and swapped wifes that night which was something that we had NEVER talked about.They were open with us that they were swingers and very interested and invited us back to their room.We talked about it on the way back to our room to freshen up and said...Im open and ok with whatever as long as you are and it's all in fun.We agreed that it was totally all in fun and ok. It was great..We swapped partners and it was great.It was JUST sex.Nothing more.It was fun and exciting for both of us and I will add to the list of people that have said..It made us much closer as a couple.We have no regrets.It was fun...sexy and we talk about it all the time. After it was all said and done..She is even turned on by me being with the other woman.It was a great night and we will never forget it.

i did it it took about 2 years but it was worth waiting

similar situation

similar situation

it takes time , we started with topless beaches , than some touching , she always had roadblocks , but now loves it when it is **** buddy day.......

Wish my husband would bring the topic up, I would jump at it.

Thats what I want and hubby isn't going for it. But would be ok with another femal. As if thats fair...

Yea, same here. Although I am not married, my girlfriend and i have been together for 5 years and I have brought this up and she is not interested. I also brought up the idea of watching her suck another guys ****, (since she is so good at it) and she was "kind of" interested in that idea as long as she was comfortable with the guy and all, bla bla. <br />
I would sooo love to enter her freshly ****** *****, though!!

Wife was a little reluctant at first also. We talked about it alot and finally agreed to meet a guy. He was someone we met online. We didn't want it to be a friend, because you know how people talk and we didn't want all of our friends to know what we were doing. The guy was very nice and after a while she loosened up and had fun with him. It probably helped that he was very good and made her ******. After she saw how horny it made me, she was more at ease. And I always am there watching and then joining in. I wouldn't suggest the blindfold, but thats my opinion. And if they aren't ready, its probably best to wait until they are. If you rush her she might just do it to shut you up and thats not what you want. We have also met some couples for swap and it was their first time. Have seen a couple of husbands that really wanted it, but couldn't handle it when they see their wife getting screwed by another guy. Anyway, be patient, and you have to have total trust and no jealousy.

I actually have shared my fiance, but have never witnessed it.

I've shared my wife several times and I absolutely love it. Seeing another **** plunging into you wife's ***** is sooooooo hot! I let her lovers **** her without condoms (after careful screening) and I get to enjoy the cream pie afterward and see heavy amounts of *** oozing from her *****! Damm, I'm wet now just visualizing it again lol. Try it, you'll love it, as will she!!! ;)

I'm the same way. It's something that I think about all the time too and for years my wife had no interest at all ( as far as i know) But..something change.She got drunk and starting chatting to someone on line and is all for ******* him.Huge change for me and us.It just takes the right time and place to make it happen

Yeah. I just kept working the idea in especially when we were hot and in the middle of sex. I would say things like, "how about imagining another **** coming in you right now while I'm in you still and you can feel mine and his at the same time" It didn't take long for her to agree in the heat of sex but she didn't take it serious for about a year. Gradually during that time, when she would agree, I would make sure I also told her I was serious. Hopefully she will *** around for you.