My Wife and Her Lover Broke In Our New Bedroom

I should start off by saying that my wife has been seeing other men since the first day of our marriage - started on our honeymoon.

i have had the priviledge of watching her with other men.  one of the sexiest experiences was watching another man having sex with her in our shower.

3 years ago we had our master bedroom refinished including the bathroom.  I made sure that I had CLEAR glass doors installed on the shower so I could view my wife as she showered.  We also bought a new bedroom furniture and a king sized mattress and it was delievered the day the construction was complete.  We spent most of the day moving our clothes back in the bedroom from the guest bedroom where we had been staying during construction.

We had just completed the move-in when one of my wifes regular lovers called and said he wanted to come over for sex.  She told him that she was a mess from working all day but he said he was coming and that he would "clean her up".

He was at the door 10 minutes after the phone rang.  The first thing he did was undress her and said "you need a shower"....he took her into the new bathroom and he undressed.  She went down on him by the vanity as i watched from the open bathroom door.  As she was giving him oral, he reached in and turned on the new shower.  I watched has her mouth made his huge erect.  He then told her to get in the shower and he followed her in.  

This was the first use of our new shower and he was literally going to "break it in".  He started by soaping my wife up with her victoria secret shower gell.  As I watched I remember saying to myself "I'm glad I had a clear glass door installed".  He continued to apply the vs gell to her body with a spong and her body was eventually covered in bubbles.  He then rinsed her off and said - "good, now you are clean and ready for me."  His hand moved between her legs and he began to play with her vagina.  I watched her eyes close and her body respond to his touch as her nipples became hard and erect and could see her chest moving in and out as her breathing was increasing.

He then pushed her up against the glass door and took her from behind.  It looked like something out of a movie.  Her breasts where pressed again the door and so was her face as he started pentrating her from behind.  Her eyes were closed and her body was moving rymatically to his in and out motions.  Her face was showing the look of sexual pleasure from an experienced and well hung lover.   He grabbed the top chrome frame of glass door over her and really started ******* her hard - the whole frame and glass door were flexing as he was now pounding her from behind.

I could see in her face and it was showing that she was about to ******.  She launched into an intense ****** where she could barely stand - he had to hold her up and she orgasmed on his ****.  As she was orgasming he thrusted all the way inside of her and then i heard him grunt and saw a grimmace on his face as he released inside of her.  

He held her until they both completed their ******* and then pulled out of her.  her legs were slightly parted and when he pulled out of her large gobs of his *** ran down the insides of her thighs.  I watched as the water from the shower helped move his *** down her legs, onto the new marble shower floor, and down the drain.  A trail of white *** was visible on the new black marble floor moving from her foot to the drain.

They held each other for a few minutes then got out of the shower.  They toweled off and he then picked her up and carried her, wet hair and all, on to our new bed where he proceeded to have sex with her for another hour.

I went downstairs while he enjoyed her.  After and hour or so he came downstairs and as he was leaving said "nice bed and shower - I'm glad I was able to break it in for you". 

I went back upstairs and my wife was lying naked in our new bed.  She had that look of "sexual satification" - which is always there after being with him.  I looked down at her body and saw large wet spot (from their love-making) on our new sheets / king mattress.  I approached her and my wife opened her legs as I did my usual duty - went down on her and gave her oral sex.  It didnt take long for me to give her her 4th ****** in less than 2 hrs as i licked her vagina clean.

After ******* she said she was tired and wanted to take nap.  I sat next to the bed and staired at my wifes beatiful body......

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