I Dream Of The Grim Reaper

I was in a building it was getting dark and i had my girlfriend beside me. I was serounded by evil men and wemon worshiping saton, they all had guns and knives. I held her close to me as soon as they charged at us i grabed her and we ran for our lives. A man grabed me and  i spun around and punched him then took his gun. We ran as fast as we could I got into the truck and told her to get down. The whole town was going crazy! they were all dead or possessed and no matter how many times i shot them they kept comming. We ended up in a cemetary, sudenly she was gone vanished and a man knocked me down from the back of my head.  i was crawling back away from him on the grown. He was laugthing his skin was bloody and rotting and he was aiming for me but.. the sky was roaring around us . He kept walking towards me aiming and the mist behinde him was forming from the ground up and there was the grim reaper behind the man. He was so big and tall his feet were misty but the rest of him was solid,  what you would exspect a ghost to look like  but his bones were covered black tar were his muscles should have been. He put out his arm and a syth formed from the mist in the air into his hand. The man was just about to shoot me not knowing what was behind him And the reaper swung his blade blugding the man who fell to the grown screaming at the sight of this crature. The reaper reached down and grabed the man and lifted him the man was strugling to brake free but was just a yiny doll in his hand. The reaper opened his mouth his black tar muscle kept stretching and his jaw just dislocated opened and was holding the man to his mouth Black hands were grabing the man fromthe back of his throught thousands of black hands pulled him in to his mouth. The reaper jaw quickly closed back into place and he looked at me i stood up .He toward over me like a gient he spoke to me but i couldnt understand what he was saying like a hundred wispers at once, then he faded away and i woke up it seemed so real its  scary but he saved me i dont know how i dreamt of the grim reaper but how was this whole place real. what does it mean. I have had many dreams that have seemed so real latley ive written them down to remember them
reedcody reedcody
18-21, M
Jan 19, 2012