A Grim Smile

in this dream of mine, A man who had crashed landed on a small island started to kill all the inhabitants. He then came upon the last person and ranted to them about all these people he had just murdered in cold blood, having a very cruel laugh at their expense....then the guy he was speaking to turned to him and said "for these heinous crimes you have committed, death shall come to you" (or something along those lines)

and with that being said a small person came up to him, it had a dog's skull as its head and started jumping up and down. "Ha you can't scare me with this thing" said the man. then the creature had turned into the grim reaper...only instead of him being a skeleton with a robe/cloak he was a dark shadow...he was also wearing a straw hat that turned into his scythe. And i remember distinctly that his scythe had vines or clovers that decorated on it But the thing that got me the most about this grim reaper was his smile. He had a sharp row of razor like teeth or shark teeth that went from ear to ear on him. He then killed the man who killed all those people....and then i woke up.....anyone got any thoughts on this?
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indeed it is, but not much you can do when controlling dreams...