Grim Reaper Dream

I saw the grim reaper last night. As I slept, suddenly I heard a very loud noise, like a whirlwind. As I looked to my left left, I saw a huge black hole/cloudy object by the side of my bed. As I looked into the distance, I saw the grim reaper, with his back towards me. I felt as though he was trying to take me with him. I could not move, and I tried to speak but was unable to. I found the strength to make a fist, and I extended my arm towards the black hole/cloud, punching it repeatedly. At this point I was able to say, "no, no, no." Suddenly, I saw a very bright light and another figure dressed in white. This person was fully garbed, and I could only see the eyes. The attire was similar to that of Muslim women. I felt an extremely positive energy flowing from this figure. For a few seconds, it seemed as though the figure was my mother, who passed away in 2003. Even though the figures face was completely covered, except for the eyes, I swear I could see a smile on its face. Slowly, the figure and the bright light faded away, and I was able to move completely. I began to pray, and eventually fell back asleep.
kam777 kam777
1 Response Jul 13, 2012

that is one truly amazing dream i must say.