Just Another Dream, Or Prediction?

Without getting too detailed, I met the Reaper last night. He was following me and at first I tried to hide and not acknowledge him, but eventually I thought I should just deal with it. So I walked up to him and asked him if he was here for me. He came forward and said no, he was here for a family member. I asked who, and it seemed that he said my cousin's husband but the image of the victim in my mind was of my aunt's ex-husband. I asked why I could see him (since he wasn't coming for me), and he said something like "Sheer Ingenuity". Heh. Then I saw a white envelope on a window sill, the sun shining on it, and I knew it was okay to wake up.

This is odd because if any family member of mine is expected to die soon, it would be my mother, an advanced alcoholic.

I've had a few dreams of this nature in years past, where a death was predicted and then actuated very shortly after. It could just be a dream, but I'm weary anyway.

Anyone else had Reaper dreams? This is my first with that specific figure.
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I've had not the same type of dream and it might sound made up i live in holland amd this happened in one week i had the same dream twice first night i saw him (death) coming in my room and reaching for me while i was in the bed instead of jumping up because of being scared i started fighting him until he ran away i **** u not right after he left i woke up in the middle of the night to scared to go to sleep i just sat on my bed watching tv 2 nights later he came back exact same scenario i fought him off again and the dream never returned it happend 6 years ago and while i"m writing this i still get the shivers on my back

I had a dream last night ,I turn on the light in the hall way and the Reaper is standing there and its scares me so bad that I can hear myself scream and then I see Jesus ,he hangs is head in sadness ,I ask him who he's here for ,,because I am scared its for my daughter and then I see a Life passing before my Eyes and its a boy ,then a young man and I don't recognize him ,then I wake ,scared still . I call all my male family members to see of their ok ,without telling them why and sounding crazy .

I have had a recurring Reaper dream for years. Not of being chased by the Grim Reaper, but of actually BEING the Grim Reaper. Between this, living in a succession of apartments near either graveyards, funeral homes, or churches, and running into a succession of fictional reapers in favorite stories, I think I can guess what my afterlife is going to be.

I too had a dream about the grim reaper a few years ago and am still scared of it. I was walking down this creepy hall, like something out of a movie, and came into this living room. I felt like I've been there before and felt so familiar. As I walk closer I see an older lady in a chair in front of a fire place just rocking back n forth. I walk in front of her, and she looks up only to have no eye and points towards a door behind me. The second I turn to look at the door it swings open violently and sucks everything in like a black hole, while this is going on I can hear a child crying like it's in pain. When the door finally shuts I see the grim reaper in a white robe, he points towards me and tells me, "it is not your time yet". I'm not sure on what this means and this dream has been haunting me for the past three years. Still to this day have not found out what the dream ment.

I had a dream I was driving my car up a big hill in the country in the pitch black. My head lights was shining up instead of straight ahead so I got out of my car to try and adjust them. I new instantly I was going to die when A young man came behind me in a hooded top with a knife and then I woke up. I see two figures by the side of the bedroom door one is as tall as the door with no face and black cloak with hood and the other was a old man figure almost on fire with such a glow around him. neither said anything to me but I instantly shouted swear words to the tall grim reaper type figure and throw 2 pillows then hid under the blankets as if I was invisible but then I felt a little tickle on my nose and I was asleep. The next day I see the two pillows on the floor and know it was real.

I haven't personally had a dream about a reaper but I do believe that one day I will meet him and I will go with him peacefully.

that has to be scary there with you being able to see other possible future deaths of family members...

hi im a young girl no older than 12 and i have had a dream simular as yours but it was a dark black place when i met the reaper he had a syfe and he had dark cloke and a hood so i didnt see his face but i just saw him i was too scared to talk and ask if it was my time but then i woke up he also had white wings or black i think but i woke up and went back to sleep and while i slept again i thought to myself was it a good or bad sign ? please tell me if it is a bad or good sign

I just had a dream about the Grim Reaper last night. I saw him sitting on a wooden throne in darkness with a very black cloak and very scary! He was holding his hoe in a way that it was pointing to his right but the tip was pointing to him, for some reason I felt that he wanted a family member and the scary thing is I only live with my mum in Australia and all my other family live in Czech Republic. Before the dream I couldn't sleep because it was 40 degrees Celsius during the day and mosquitoes were biting me like crazy and then I heard the birds sing so I knew it was about 4:00am and I didn't get any sleep but then I feel asleep and got this scary dream. I know more happened in the dream but I can't remember. 3/01/2012 (1/3/2012 if you live in America

have your dreams came true?? or was it just purely a dream?

I had a dream once about the grim reaper. I was going to bed and I dreamt about me standing outside my house and then I was in side my house and in a hall a large cloaked figure was standing there with a huge scythe at his side I was scared to death. I said "who are you" well at least tried to say it nothing came out then something spoke saying "dad" and "death" and "near" then it pointed at me and I woke up. Next month my dad had a near-death experience and lost half his arm in a car accident. To this day I'm scared something worse could happen

thats terrible, and i do research on pshychology and physiology and ten percent of dreams are precognitive which means they can happen in the future, you just have to look at key things i would record all your dreams and see if there are any other "coincedences" look at my dream about the grim reaper

If you see a grim reaper is that bad ? are you or ur family member going to die ? <br />
Is there different meanings for different reapers ?

Well, I was just doing some research on some answers about a dream My mother had recently. My Gandmothers Husband died Today and My Mom had rememberd How She had A dream Of The "Grim Reaper"<br />
And thought how creepy it was to Dream that and all of a suden have this news. I'm just really creeped out, And to find out shes not the only one having this dream then all of a sudden get some bad news about a death just creeps me out even more.<br />
Except this One didnt Talk to her, Wel She didnt try She just told "it" To get out of her room.

I've had this one dream that I was at this door. When I opened it all I could see was blackness, just plan bad things. An awfull sense of dread surounded me. There was nowhere eles to go. I was very scared. I don't know what came over me, cause after standing there for awhile I just pluged myself forward through the door. After passing through the darkness, there was nothing but a very calming white light. And I knew everything was going to be alright. After that I woke up felling very warm and fuzzy. Wierd dream but I've never forgot it. <br />
<br />
As for mourning for people that are still alive, but maybe very soon gone. I kinda know what that's about. I've have some friend on the street that are already on the verge of death, due to there own drug of choice. Suck not to be able to help them. All I can do is be there for them and prepare myself.<br />
<br />
SONG TIME!<br />

I have "met" the grim reaper and he wasn't there for me, but people close to me, people I knew - he took them. I'm not trying to scare you, could be very different with dreams IDK. I have written a story about it here on EP..........I have seen him other times and I knew he wasn't here to take anyone those times. I can't explain it... I don't like to talk about it much incase people think I'm mad but I know what I saw and I know the events that happened afterwards............

i understand. it's hard to mourn someone who's not literally passed. I was actually going to try a ritual-sort-of-wake-funeral thing for my mother, who is technically alive. but i feel the "real" her has been taken from me via her alcoholism and maybe mourning her will give me some closure.<br />
I don't really think your therapist is giving you good advice in this situation though... mourning him, to me, would only seem appropriate if there's no chance of getting him back. I'm assuming there's still hope for him. Schizophrenia is no joke, and I hope he is not afflicted with it. I was actually diagnosed with "psychotic tendencies" at age 17 (i'm 27 now) and I've been very violent too. For me though, everything was directly related to living with my parents, and I started getting better after moving out and doing a LOT of reflecting. Also, my parents did spoil me and I think that attributed to a lot of my issues. My advice based on your brief note is to know that giving your kid everything can often hurt them more than help. Let him feel he can earn things on his own, and for the violence, can you get him into something productive like kickboxing? and ask him why he's angry without riling him up. maybe write to him sweetly and remind him that you'll try to change and help him.<br />
Good luck...

my 14 yr old id in the hosp because he's violent. i dreamed that his therapist said he was scitzofrenic(sp).<br />
after our first therapy session via phone conference the therapist said that if he was 18 he'd be diagnosed as a psycopath and he's a spoiled brat. well gee doc thanks for sharin'. mean while my hands are shaky and i'm in a sort of fog. doc said to spend 30 min mourning the loss of our son, i cant do it. i feel like if i let a little pain out there will be an avalanche.i know i have to sometime,but i'm still realing from what got him there in the first place. he threw a chair and brke my husbunds finger. how do u like your novel?

lol I'm not sure at all! In the dream, it signified some sort of answer and let me know I could then wake up peacefully. For now I'm just waiting to see if anything similar appears in waking life, hoping that might give more explanation. I mean, there is the chance that this was "just another dream"... but I'll keep everyone posted if something strange happens!

What does the white envelope on the window sill mean?