Tug Of War

Today I was on Instagram and saw this photo that brought me back to a dream I had 3 years ago (I know we tend to forget our dreams after we wake up, but idk why after 3 years I can still remember this dream). The photo I saw on Instagram was the grim reaper with a bloody white horse laying beside him in a green hill/field. Anyway this was my dream, I know I have a different dream before that grim reaper one but I can't remember, the grim reaper part I remember every detail. Anyway, It started with me with a bunch of people (me, my grandma, other family, and strangers) we were all at the top of a small hill, you can't see anything but the green grass, hills, few trees, blue sky, and the grim reaper in front of us riding a white horse. (First of all, I never knew that the grim reaper has a white horse, I always thought dreams are just the continuation of our thoughts when we are awake, but I don't understand how my brain "came up" with a white horse when I had never seen the grim reaper with a white horse before, if it's just a "creation" of my brain why not brown? Or other color? Why white?) Anyway, the grim reaper came down from his horse and of all the people in front of him, he grabbed my grandma's wrist. I was holding my grandma's other hand really tight, and so was he, he wanted my grandma! I kept pulling my grandma's arm but he just stood straight there and won't let go. I started sobbing and then I yelled "please don't take her, take me instead" I was pushing my grandma away from him, then the grim reaper let go, he didn't say anything, he just let go. Then he quietly ride his white horse again and went away. After that I can't stop sobbing in my dreams, and I woke myself up because I heard myself crying really loud. My heart was beating fast (and can hear its pounding) and I saw half of my pillow soaking in tears like there's this huge circle. I layed there for a few minutes, thinking how messed up that was. When I was calm I immediately googled that white horse lol because I wanna see if maybe that was just my imagination. I saw loads of photos of the grim riding a white horse and turned out, he really have a white horse and it's called Binky. Might be a coincidence but it gave me goosebumps. And then I tried to look for that green field (because why in a green field? What is that? Why not graveyard or something) I didn't find it, but one website said that the grim reaper lives in a gold field. I usually ignore dreams but this one I was so curious because It's so weird that I dreamed of it when my grandma had been in and out of hospital for her heart problem. Anyway it was 3 years ago and the photo I saw today reminded me of it again. It looks exactly the same (except that it was night in the photo and the grim reaper is killing Binky). My dad said that if I let go my grandma then, she might not be living now, true or not, I'm just happy I didn't let her go.
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1 Response Oct 24, 2012

wow that was a intense dream i guess it is a good thing you didn't let go.