Dreamstride (Grim Reaper)

Ok I had this dream like 7 years ago, but i will never forget it! Well it started out as a nice family picnic in this hilly meadow with people playing and just having fun! During this time none said anthting they just laughed and smiled. but with in an instant it changed I was scared the sky turned orangish red and people were crying and screaming! I looked to see what they were running from it was the Grim Reaper! I was so scared but in my dream i never got off the ground..it was like i was allready running but I looked back and i got good detail of it! He was cloaked (of course) but everything behind him was dying...like the grass wouldnt turn brown.. it turned black...trees didnt just lose there leafs the tree it self knarwled and turned grey! I noticed this all in one second and looked back in front of me (still running) then my dream like changed! I was on the hood of a destroyed car and i dont remember seeing any cars until i was on top of one! I was on my back and i saw my family wanting to help but they knew i wouldnt make it so they left me! When i looked to see where the grim reaper was he was on top of me standing or floating idk what he was doing! HERE COMES THE SCARY PART! He swung his sword thing he has and right when he hit my neck, I woke up like out of a movie I flung up breathing hard and the witness my cousin said i was asleep for not even a minute! I'm 14 now and im am terrified of the Grim Reaper and recently I saw this tall man in my dreams with long arms and he was black except for his neck it was like a white "V" but I did research and I think it might be the one called Slender man! I couldnt even take a bath after i found out about him!
NoahRyle123 NoahRyle123
13-15, M
Jan 27, 2013