A Walk In Death's Shoes

i use to have a recurring dream where im walking down a road with a kind of  haze or smoke surrounding me i have this steady feeling that i am not alone but for a reason i am compelled to keep walking and to not look back almost as if it im on a mission and my goal is just in reach i walk for hours apon hours until i come across a single house oddly it seams as if i know it like i had lived there all my life but i know i have never seen it before as i try to open the door LOCKED i check my pocket a key i have no idea where it came from but i try the door swings open i stand there for what seams like an hour almost like my body is waiting for a greeting as i walk threw the rooms i see pictures of people who i do not know but they make me feel nostalgic i walk to a single room at the end of a hallway i open the door and a frail old man is sitting at the beds end i walk in front of him as he looks up at me he asks if i am here to take him i say yes i take his hand and we begin walking we are now on the road of haze on the way from witch i came as i look down once more i realize that the frail old man is non other then myself and that i had been in deaths shoes all along . . . . . . . . . . . .

EnragedWalrus EnragedWalrus
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2010

oh my...thats another scary sounding dream....i must say that is just..wow

reading tales of the grim one is awesome good story

sorry if it seams weird its my first time posting a story about my life and i felt that it would be better if i posted it in a story like format