The Reaper ( please comment)

In my dream i was in a car with my mum and out of no where this guy walks in front of the car like normal ( at the crossing) 

but the most scary thing was there was a white reaper with no face just black. This reaper was following this man and only i could see him , my mother said it would go away but it didn't and the most crazy thing was i had like a strong feeling like i had to look into his face after all all he did was stare at me then follow the man. 

This reaper has appeared in another dream well this reaper seems to have visit me at least 4 times!! 

One dream though really made me cry : 

I had a dream a person was on a bike and had a tattoo of the reaper ( the same one) and this guy i had never seen before BUT just yesterday i saw the man and he nodded his head at me . Now i am not saying these dreams could mean anything but i really need to know am i going to die or some one i love? 

iIloveyou16 iIloveyou16
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ah i wish i could be helpful but i got nothing D: that is just wow...he's only appeared once so far and that one time is enough for me....hopefully he doesn't visit me again soon

pretty cool tale of the grim one

iIloveyou16 - the first thing I would ask you about this dream is the colour. Are your dreams in colour or black and white. This will give more insight into your dreams. Email me or add another comment.

i know im seventeen and im commenting on this but i do reasearch on things like this because im going to be a psychologst, can you tell me all of these dreams where this "reaper" has appeared and i will give you feed back