Same With Friends

I dress according to taste. Giving me sense of existence. Not fashion. Same way I choose friends not to be fashioned by their popularity(famous or not), I befriend according to their unique personality that would withstand times and fashions of mind. Learning and/while being true.
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You have said it very well - and in spite of being overwhelmed with my work I've responded. Happy to hear from you. It's a super subject. People (not animals) recognize their kind by how they look, well, since prehistoric time.

**smile** That's so kind of you. I'm honored.

Love your point. Fashion is for the majority who have no idea who they are and how to present themselves. It's like waring a uniform, hiding your real self under... <br />
<br />
The most precious thing that is given to every living creature by nature is Personality. We are not trained in schools to respect it.

I couldn't say that any better. Thanks for you input.