Suess Shoes

For approximately the past ten years I have owned a pair of Dr. Suess, Cat In The Hat, tennis shoes. They are still brand new in the box and I'm not sure exactly when I will finally wear them.  I will probably have to find the Suess shirt to go with them. I love that I can still wear childrens size shoes.  It really opens up a wider selection for me and I have been able to also save money.  

I am 52 years old and by the Grace of God would still be recognizable to my high school if I went to my 35th reunion.  I dress pretty much the same.  Levi's and tennis shoes but now that I'm living in Florida I rarely get out of shorts and a tank top.  Barefoot when possible or sandles. When I arrived here last year I threw away all my bras and will only wear swim suit tops.  O.K. I saved one just in case I have to go to a funeral.  I also stopped wearing make up and I refuse to "wash away my hard earned gray hair" though it is still mostly the original dark brown color.  I just had 6 inches cut off of it since it was past my waist and everytime I felt it touch my leg I would freak out thinking it was a bug lol. 

A few years ago my Mom bought me a pair of those red glittery "Dorothy Shoes".  I would pack them if I had to leave home and needed to get home quickly. Well, I can dream.

I love Florida.  The other day I was sitting in the car while my Husband went into Walgreens.  I noticed that all the old farts had their own sense of "Style". No one was remotely dressed like their counterparts but they were all "Stylin!"  At this age no one cares what anyone else thinks.  I love it!  I have found me a home. 

I also refuse to wear to wear Corporate Logo T Shirts. If they want me to advertise for them they damn well better pay me.  Never understood why people would do that.

And that's pretty much how I am. 
Molly2350 Molly2350
51-55, F
Apr 3, 2012