I Wear Clothes That I Like!

I dress in clothes that are comfortable, attractive and affordable. I feel sorry for people who are 'slaves to fashion.' I have never worried about wearing the latest fashions. I prefer to wear what suits me.
When you see a girl at a sporting event, climbing the stairs to her seat in stiletto heels and a tiny mini skirt on a freezing cold evening.....don't you just think "Why?" I'm wearing my low heeled boots, jeans, long sleeved top, woolly scarf and a thick jacket....and I'm warm!
I part my hair on the side because it suits my face shape. I recall a young girl asking why I wore my hair this way (about 12 years ago) because it wasn't fashionable.
On the recent weekend, one of the news magazines here had a story about what would be in fashion in the second half of this year. "Everyone will be wearing dresses or tunics over jeans or long pants." I laughed because I often wear these, just because I like to!
Ok, if I'm going to a job interview I'm not going to wear a bikini or shorts. But I wouldn't feel comfortable in that anyway.
Some people try to make an art or a statement out of looking different to everyone else. But I think that's just as sad as conforming.
My clothes are mostly black, or brightly coloured, with a sprinkling of denim. I don't worry about the latest colour or print.
If the clothes that I like are in fashion - great! Because then I can find them easily in the shops! If not, then I just wear what I already have or find recycled clothes.
I am comfortable, physically and emotionally, in what I choose to wear.
madtiger293 madtiger293
Aug 6, 2012