I Love Buying Clothes...but

I love fashion, but when recently it was decided that there was be a retro visit to the 1980s, it was then I lost all respect for any fashion advisors whatsoever.

I prefer to wear clothes that I know i suit.  I will not wear shorts over a pair of tights to the office, i will stick to my skirts and trousers.  I will not wear pink footless leggings, they are not flattering for my shape, i tend to look like a flamingo as it is.  My honest opinion is that in looking at a lot of celebrities in the 80's, 20 years later, due to more concerted fashion choices that suit their style as opposed to 'power dressing' they look, 20 years younger than in the 80s

I hated the clothes i was subjected to by my colourblind mother in the 1980s, the trouser suit with frills and flourescent flowers  that my cousin and I were both bought, and dressed in when we were visiting my grandparents. 

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1 Response Oct 7, 2008

I've always believed one knows what is best for oneself.