Thirty Years In Leather

Started as a biker, but carried on wearing leather when I gave up on the bikes, now I'm a leather BDSM Master and get complemented for my outrageous appearance. I wear laced side leather jeans, with knee high bondage boots whenever I can. I own a leather kilt, but have not had the nerve yet to wear it in public.
Arceye Arceye
3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

leather smell lol seriously ...uff it doesn't smell good to me :)

BDSM Leather MAsTER,

leather it if carries a tip of me slave, to meeting goes or at home if you have slave to show your POWER who is the MAsTER!
I know that very well and as a slave if i pleasure to yours be.

real wanted slsave by MAsTERs in full leather!!

Hi leatherknight I used to ride a bike when I was younger,but had to stop because of a back problem.I loved leather even now still.THe creak of leather jackets and leather jeans was always a big turn on for me.Also the smell of leather. As I am also into spanking and caning it is great to wear tight leather jeans and bend over for a good hard caning. Leather is something special.