You Can Dress In Leather Whenever You Like

Dressing lin leather is a lot of fun. You know it and I know it. That's why we both share this experience.

The funny thing is that a lot of people just don't understand why we like it so much. Maybe they've never had the opportunity to wear leather. It could be they're a little closed minded on the subject. Either way, they may not be very accepting of those of us who love to wear leather all of the time.

There is nothing more fun than going to the mall or out to eat with leather coddling the body like a fine glove or a second skin. It's great when you travel to have leather all over when you check in your hotel.

If you like that like I do, then here's how you pull it off. Mind you, people will still stare, but the look changes from one of misunderstanding or contempt to one of pure envy. You can make them wish they were the ones clad in the comfort and aroma of leather. They will wish that they could be you!

If you ride a motorcycle and invest in some fine custom tailored racing leathers, you will look as cool as you feel. Really! I do it all of the time. People talk to me about the bike and ask me about my leathers. Some of the ladies will even ask to get inside. Whether you let them in or not is up to you.

I guarantee, you'll love it.

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2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Sounds like a good idea, if i rode a motorbike i could wear leather all year long

I agree with you manthough you have to admit that there's a sexual element in leather apparel that's maybe why people's opinions are polarised.