Babying Bobby

I really have little choice.mainly because of my size and medical family dresses me in baby clothes.but they are not totally ay blame. i cry like a baby if i am not in just a diaper or at least a short tail  oneses.i love them when they have baby patterns all over them. i instantly become giggly when they are put on me.i even talk babish when i have on baby clothes.

mamaslittlebaby mamaslittlebaby
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2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I am like you, I wear a disposable diaper with plastic pants during the day under my dress closes, once I get home I get changed into a cloth diaper with plastic pants and t shir, if I go back out I just slip on a pair bib over hauls. At night during the summer I just sleep in a my cloth diapers and plastic pants and a night shirt or oneise. During the cold months a foot sleeper.

I find them quite comfortable. I normally shed my adult clothes after dinner and put on a diaper, plastic pants, a onsie and a blanket sleeper. I use no pillow, sheet or blanket. Just a plastic sheet with a flannel draw sheet on the mattress in case of leaks. I have switched to a pocket diaper lately and have had no leaks. I also found you need few clothes in a baby wardrobe. I wear the same fleece sleeper all week and wash it on the weekend - it never smells. Onsies can be worn for two or three nights and I wear a fresh diaper every night of course.