Baby Me

I love being a baby I alwase was a baby never poty trande alwase in the nurshry I sleep in a crib I'm fed baby food in a high chare and drink from a bottle I love being a baby. my mom either leaves me in just a diaper or she puts me in a oineze or some special close che had made for me. over the summer its her berthday so she likes to dress me up like a baby girl for her amusiment she has a dress that comes to about 10 inches above my nees shoing off my diapers without bending over. and she puts bunny ears on me with a pink pacifire and wight bib with pink bunnies on it to protect the dress and I stay her baby girl for the summer.

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Well I don't think you went to elementary school by the looks of your spelling and grammar.<br />
Would be good for those of us that want to read, for you to use word or some other program to type in, spell check and then paste in here.

Oh. I bet u r just the cutest thing!!!! Wanna go out? I am a girl, 19 years old, who is obsessed with acting like a baby. I wear bunny ears too, and have a dress that completely shows off my diapers. I try to show off my diapers wenever I can. Like one time, I was at the carnival and all I had was a shirt and a diaper, booties on my feet, Bonnet on my head, and pacifier in my mouth. I was in a stroller, strolled by my babysitter who only watches<br />
me when I go out. Not on dates though. But anyways, I had a huge hot dog and a huge pop. Well soon, I let out a huge poop and pee into my cute little diaper, and said "woopsies" in a cute little baby voice. That was my last diaper, and we had no spares, so I was stuck with the dirty diaper. Thank the lord I love messy and smelly and wet diapers. And them, I had to pee more so I let it out and it leaked to the stroller seat. Then I saw a friend from college, and she started babying me, I loved it. She kept playin peek a boo with me and spoon feeding me. My diaper became so full, it came off and we had to use<br />
my shirt as a diaper, so I was like naked! Omg! But the shirt didn't last<br />
long<br />
cause I made a huge poo In it. They had no replacments so they put on my wet and messy diaper back on me, put my shirt back on( which had poop stains) and we kept going through the carnival. My booties were pink, most of my clothes were. It was awesome, until I came home and my babysitter announced I have a diaper rash. We took the bad diaper off, put a new one on me, and I hugged my teddy as j dose to sleep. <br />
Another time I was out in a diaper and a summer dress, with my friend from college I ran into at the carnival. We were downtown shopping and she saw that I had wet. It was in plain sight for everyone to see. "Kyra. Did u wet your diaper, you little baby? Oh, yes. Good baby Kyra made a messy" she said in baby talk. I just giggled and shook my battle rattel, sucking on my pacifier. My bonnet was falling, but she adjusted it as we kept walking. We ran into a cousin of hers and she said "hey cousin Mary. This is my baby , Kyra." "my oh my, college friend your baby is so cute can I play with her?" "sure meet u in the ice cream place. " this was a ba d thing of my friend to do cuz her cousin was like 11. She took me to some gay bar. All the dudes were playing with me. U could tell they were<br />
gay and drunk. But. I just went along with it. Email me: