I Dress This Way , Because Im A Misfit

if its a man or a famale , who care,s well i Do ? and i cant tell you how many times i tried to stop ,
The way i see it God Made adam and eve Not adem and Steave,
But too Be put in Both worlds , im all f ..... how long iv been doing this almost my whole life, Trowing my Dresses and Make up away
like 50 times and i dont buy junk, but at this point i stop trowing all my crossdress clothing away , iv got too the Point of even trying to kill my self , well im still hear , they saved my like Twice , How Can i Fell like a Girl when im a Boy ?
if god does not make Junk Than What am i , hmmmm im just Pure garbage, its like if i got too peeps liveing inside me,
i surender i give up , if i dress up at least the girlfriend, s i had put up with my Crap , and the guys iv been with make me feel like if im all woman, how can i love **** and ***** at the Same Time

Rachelsamantha Rachelsamantha
41-45, M
2 Responses May 15, 2012

i haven't tried suicide, but i feel totally the same way! i don't know how many times i've dumped my wordrobe!!! only to start all over again!!! i've never experienced the "touch" of a man! but i soooo long to change that! i go through my moods, i feel liberated, then ashamed, then confused! then the cycle starts anew!!! but now i stopped throwing out my girly stuff, i know i'll wear it again when Jessica takes control again and again!!! ifinally accept that i am two people! i need to stop denying the girl in me!!!!!

You are gorgeous<br />
Accept that and be content with being the authentic you.<br />
Forget labels<br />
Hugs<br />