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Sexy Secretary

I was the only girl in an office full of professional men. They were architects. There were six of them. My job was to be their secretary, receptionist and girl Friday. They were all these smart, nerdy sorts of guys, all brains and very little personality. They were all happily married men with pictures of their wives and kids in their offices. They were all very sweet to me and treated me like the queen bee in their hive. They all depended on me and needed my help to keep things running smoothly.

The thing was that I got bored, so to spice things up, I started dressing sexier than I really should have. At first, I was just a little sexy, you know, shorter skirts, higher heels, lower cut blouses. But when nobody said anything, then I just got a little more daring.

I swear, those guys were so focused on their work, that I began to wonder what a girl needed to do to get some attention. Every day that went by, without any of them even hitting on me, my skirts just kept getting shorter and shorter until I began to think that if something didn't change, I would get arrested. I stopped wearing a bra and started wearing really daringly low cut tops that showed off almost all of my breasts, nearly down to my nipples. I even wore some sheer blouses, that were almost transparent, where it was clearly obvious that my full, proud breasts were being put on display.

I started not wearing any panties and being really careless about my naughty little skirts, so that they would have had to blind men not to catch some glimpses of my pretty little ***** peeking out at them when I bent over the file cabinets.

I was just about frustrated out of my mind, and was thinking about quitting when finally there was a breakthrough. They closed a big client, and they were all happy and celebrating, feeling really jovial and in a party mood. One of them gave me a big hug and I took advantage of the moment to press my lips to his and give him a kiss. To my delight, he kissed me back, and the dam just broke, so to speak.

I shoved his office door closed and we began to make out like crazy. One thing led to another as I encouraged my shy lover to let his hands to explore my luscious body. It was almost funny how timid he was, needing me to guide him every step of the way, as if he was afraid he was going to offend me or something. When I directed his hand up under my naughty little skirt to touch my eager *****, I thought he was going to explode he got so excited.

"Oooooo, Sir, that feels soooooo good" I purred hotly into his ear as I savored the sensations of his fingers lightly exploring my very wet ***** slit.

"Would you like to **** me?" I breathed softly. And when he hesitated, I added, "I really want you to **** me. Please, Sir?"

As if me giving him my permission made it somehow OK, he nodded and I wasted no time in stripping off his clothes and exposing his painfully stiff ****. I laid back on his desktop and pulled him between my thighs, wrapping my long, silky legs around his waist and wrapping my arms around his neck. He allowed me to pull him into me, as I guided his jutting erection to nudge against the slippery lips of my juicy hot *****.

"Ohhhhhhh, yessssss" I sighed happily as he pressed into me, his **** disappearing between my clasping ***** lips. "Ohhhhh, God, you feel soooo good inside me" I whimpered, hoping my words would spur him on.

He began to **** me, humping his **** into me, with me urging him on and begging him to go faster and harder, my legs clamped around him, trying to pull him as deeply inside me as possible. I opened my blouse and fed my stiff nipples to his lips, urging him to suck and lick my stiff nubs as he ****** me. Before long, he had me on the verge of *******, but his ******* was growing so frantic that I was afraid he was going to *** too quickly.

"Slow down" I begged him, wanting him to last long enough to make me ***, and I saw him struggling for control. When I felt my own climax building, I cried out, "Ohhhh, yes, now, **** me, **** me deep and hard"

He rammed his **** into me with long, frantic strokes and we both exploded with fiery climax, him spurting into me, flooding me with his white-hot goo, as I shook and trembled with the spasms of my ******.

After he came, he staggered back and fell into his leather office chair, looking so pleased and blissfully happy. I lay there on his desktop, enjoying the aftershocks of my ******, my feshly ****** ***** on open display and my stiff nipples jutting toward the ceiling, my long legs drapped over the edge of his desk.

When I recovered, I slid off his desk and dropped to my knees between his feet, using my tongue to lick his spent **** clean of the delicious mix of my own sweet juices and his salty white ***.

"You better get dressed" I suggested, gathering up his clothing where I had tossed it on the floor of his office, and I helped him get his clothes back on. He seemed embarrassed by what had happened.

"That was one of the best ***** of my life" I lied, trying to make him feel more comfortable, "I hope we can do that some more."

I left his office and went to the ladies room to clean up, thinking how much more I suddenly enjoyed my job. I was seriously hoping that word of our tryst would get around to the other men, and sure enough, it was not long before all of them were ******* me on a regular basis and my job was very very pleasant indeed.





outofbiz outofbiz 36-40, F 12 Responses Mar 6, 2008

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Sandy? Is that you?

What an awsome story. Wish I had a secretary like you around. It would make coming to work more desireable.

Do you wear panties to work? Would I get to free your stiff **** from your sheer panties?


Mmmm, I could kiss my way up your silky stockings to where your rock hard **** was tenting your skimpy little panties.

Yes her stories are just awsome---gotta love a sexy and empowered lady.

What a fabulous scence you describe I love your stories

Aye she loves men and multiple if possible, she's just not as agressive as she could be to have more fun with it. I'm 100% good with her goin out and getting it (in fact I love it).

She is in my circle. I love her active mind,

She's Legalsexy on ep--might be nice to have some help :)

Yes--I encourage her as much as possible

Have you told her so?

That is one very nice story.<br />
My wife is a secretary and I wish she'd strart ******* at work as well.