I Created Bethany

As far back as I can remember I was always fascinated with men dressed as women .When I was about 21 years old I always seen this 11 year old boy playing in my neighborhood his name was Ben he had shoulder length blond hair a thin Body and a pretty face . I decided that I would slowly become friends with him buying him toys taking him to ballgame's letting him drink Champagne while we where together . On Ben's 12th birthday I told him that his present was that I was going to teach him to drive giving him a set of my van key's as long as he would take some pills that i wanted him to take they where to start feminizing him but I told him that they where vitamins and he had to let his hair grow longer and Ben agreed to take the vitamins and grow his hair long .by time Ben's 13th birthday came Ben was looking allot more feminine so I started to put my plan into effect.
The day after Ben turned 13 I asked him if he would drive me somewhere by that time Ben had become a pretty good driver so I would have him drive me everywhere. By the time Ben got to my place I had my van packed and I was ready to go .I had Ben get on the expressway and he drove for 2 hours when i seen a motel was coming up so I had Ben pull in and told Ben that we would get a room and I would give him his birthday present . When got our room and went in and I  told Ben that one of his presents from me is that I was going to die his hair gray and give him bangs so I had Ben take off his shirt  and I noticed that that Ben was starting to get descent size feminine breasts then I had Ben  sit in a chair colored his hair and cut his bangs. Once I had finished I told Ben that he should go take a shower and wash the die out of his hair while Ben was in the shower I took the boy cloths that Ben had been waring and cut them into rags then I went out to my van and grabbed the woman's cloth's that I  had bought to turn Ben into Bethany. When Ben was finished with his shower he yelled out where are my cloths and I said here handing him a fulling length pink silk nightgown telling him to put it on Ben only put up a little bit of a fuss but when i told him that I had cut up the cloths that he was waring Ben realized that he did not have much choice so he put on the nightgown and came out of the bathroom . As Ben walked out of the bathroom  I said  don't you look like a beautiful woman  then I told him that the name Ben dose not fit her body anymore so from that point on I was going to call her her Bethany and walked over and gave Bethany and gave her her first french kiss .at first Bethany(Ben) started ti resist but she was starting to feel a rush of passion and we fell into the bed and continued kissing with me slowly working down to her beautiful breasts which i susked on for a while then we made love when we finisher Bethany fell asleep in my arms.
The next morning I woke up before Bethany so I got out of bed sat in a chair astonished at wat a beautiful woman Bethany had become . When Bethany woke I told her that from that day on she eas my doll and I would dress her make her up and take care of her . So I put makeup on her dressed her and we hedded to Mexico to live our lives together
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wish that had happend to me