My First T-bra

When I reached 13 nearly 14 my mother called me into the house. I really didn't want to. Kathy and I were playing jacks and I had reached my foursies. She came back out a few minutes later and told me I needed to come now as her time was limited. I told Kathy I had to go and I'd see her when I got back.
Once I was in the house mom told me to put on my summer dress because we were going shopping for somethings I needed. I couldn't figure out what she was talking about. I had enough dresses, tights and panties. School was still 2 months off. I did as she said and went and put on my yellow summer dresses with the little flowers on it, the straps tied at the top of my shoulders so I didn't need a top under it., I slipped on my sandals and raced downstairs to wait for her. Soon we were on our way to the Atlantic Mills store. The Atlantic Mills store was like the precursor to Kmart.
At the store we immediately went to the girls section. Mom looked at me and said that I needed a training bra at least to go with some of my dresses. I thought why, I wore my camies under the dresses or a full slip. She said all special little little girls and regular girls got them at my age and I was to be no exception. The sales ladie came over and asked if she could be of assistance. My mom explained what she was looking for but need to have me measured. The lady pulled out a tape and measured me telling my mother the sizes depending upon the style, then showed her where they were located. My mom picked out several different ones, some had lace, some were cotton and some were sort of silky with teeny tiny flowers on them. My mom took me into the changing rooms and had me lower my top and had me try each of them on. I thought they were silly looking, they only went around my chest. they certainly were not for warmth. She seemed satisfied and helped me readjust my dress and we went and paid for six of them. We then left and went home. Once there I was told I had to start wearing one everyday, even if I wore a camie over it. I said okay. I put one of the silky ones with the teeny flowers, put my play dress back on and went to Kathy's house.
At Kathys she asked what did I get, I told her it was a T-bra and now had to wear one everyday. She asked to see it so I showed her. I took off my dress and she examined it saying it was very pretty and wanted one for herself. She called her mom in to see it and asked her to get her some. All kathy's mom said was you will get some very soon. I got redressed and Kathy and I went back to play.
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My mom never bought me any, I had to get used ones from the neighbor girls.

I wonder if girls think like I did.

I would have loved to have an experience like that with my mom, even to have her dress me like that and just go to the store would have been havenly. Thank- you for the wonderful story. Elizabethjane