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My mom started dressing me as a girl just like my sisters when I was 5. I have visited many sites and read all the stories on being dressed by our Mothers. As most of you know it ranges from petticoat training, punishment, wanting a little girl or even possible not liking males. I was always interested in finding out why my mom would dress and raise me as a girl. Finally I asked her and her story was not shocking but amazing to me.

She was raised along with her 3 sisters by my grandparents to be young ladies. They only wore dresses and skirts, never any slacks or pants. Always to be feminine young ladies. She was the youngest of the sisters and they all had girls.  My 2 sisters were born ahead ome with my yougest sister being 3 years older. When I was born she said she was excited to have a boy and that her and my father were going to let me be one of those crazy little guys you love. My father got sick and went on disability and died when i was 4. When he died she said she realized she knew nothing about raising a boy. When my sisters started dressing me as a girl she let them. Then when she saw how much I looked like a girl and seemed to enjoy it. She decided to let me stay that way. As I got older I would go to school as a boy and as soon as I was home I changed into a dress. It just seemed so natural to her that I was a girl. Just another one of her daughters. She said I want to aplogize and tell you how sorry I am for ruining your life. I told her not to feel sad. The fact is I enjoy dressing like a woman. I enjoy the transformation, illusion and being someone else. And I could have learned te true meaning of being feminine without you. We gave each other a big hug, It felt so good to hold her.

My mom is the best.
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You do make such a wonderful girl.

love the story

My mom got raped by a rich guy back in 1949 and I came out a (boy?) For the first six years of my life I was dressed as a girl by my grandmother Thelma & I loved to play dress up all my life & decided to go for sexual reassignment surgery 4 years ago. My mom would have helped me, however my adoptive father is a real mojo thingy?

Wish I had had support from mother or sister!

I love your story. You were very lucky to have such a wonderful mother. I loved my mother but she didn't understand my need to be in dresses and be a girl. I wish things could have been different.


Wonderful sharing way to deepen the bond with your mother!

Wish I had had a lady to help me!

My mom caught me several times wearing her clothes and said the next time she would dress me all the way. After that my sister caught me again and again and till she decided to <br />
make me dress all the way like a girl like my mom said she'd do. <br />
<br />
She threw all my boy clothes away. And now I wear panties, nylons and petticoat slips under dresses at home and under Capri's when I'm out. <br />
My mom came home one day and found me in a dress. I told her sis made me dress this way. She giggled and said for me to wear what ever my sister says to, she is in charge.<br />
<br />
Everyone round my neighborhood knows now that I'm a sissy. Some girls that live close by come over just to laugh and giggle at me cleaning my house.<br />
My sister and mom laugh right along with them, they say they have the cutest little sissy girl around.

do you like dressing like a girl?

All the way!

At first when this all happened, I didn't, but now today I enjoy dressing and acting like a girl.

Lucky girl. I believe my mom would have supported me if I had been able to share what I always knew.

what type of pantyhose are you wearing leave me reply

Leggs are my favorite!

you are very pretty for a crossdresser that pantyhose fits you very nice . You´re sure you are a boy

Did you find it more comfortable when your mother started dressing you. I know I felt more like I was just one of her daughters and someone special.

Thank You for your comments and understanding. I agree entirely with you, we are who we are.