Full Understanding Aunt For Girlfriends Son

I live in an apartment house. And some years ago a mother with her son moved into the house. And I got along very well with his mom. We had a talk in corridor nearly every time we met. And one day in December I met them at H&M waiting at the cash desk. They were in front of me in the queue. So I greet them and the mother said that she only wanted to buy something for her son for home. And when she putted the clothes at the desk I saw only girls clothes like tights, panties, pullover and a blouse. Later I said to her, that the clothes are very nice and she smiled. Some days later I had to ring at their door, because they have a parcel for me. And when the boy opened the door I saw him wearing the red tights and the white pullover and a girls apron. I stepped inside the apartment because his mom was into the kitchen.
I took my parcel and promised the boy a little present when he visit me in some minutes at home.
I went to apartment took off my trousers and some minutes later the bell was ringing and the boy was there to invite me to dinner. So I gave him the little present (chocolate bar).Then I followed him to their apartment. And when I arrived there, his mom and me looked at each other and start laughing. Then we realized that we both stood there in same tights and pullover only. And the boy looked like a little girl.
I complimented the boy and his mother for this nice outfit and said that I think that it is very comfortable for home.
From now on the boy was wearing girls clothes when I visited them or they visited me. And my Christmas present for him, was a Barbie doll and some girls tights and panties.
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A very lucky young sissy gurl, an enlightened Mother and a Superior neighbor!

A mother that knows best for her son, great story.

Great story

Wish you were my neighbor Anne.

What a wonderful neighbor you are!

Hello Anne .. i did read your story.. and its really wonderfull.If the boy likes to wear girlsclothes then he should wear them.. There is nothing wrong with that.. I did wear girlscothes as a kidd and loved it verry much because it felt great to be one of the girls,, It made a real human . So i can understand the women verry well.<br />
More women and aunts should do this but only if the boy wants to wear that clothes

how true the chioce to ware a dress ,skirt &amp;blous, tights or what have you must be made by the person who is going to wear them or it is a foum of abuse. that said I also think that all boys no matter the age should be given the chance to exparirment with wearing female clothing because it more comfortable and as has been said elswere better for male health
and in the end a nice pair of winter tights are so much softer warmer and far more comfertable than other other winter underwear espicaly when wearing a nice lace trimed silk panty set

I can say with my hand on the good book that I buy my thight and love the for waring out in the woods in winter they are SO MUCH warmer and comfertable than those nasty old longjons that I had to ware as a kid just cause my irish dad couldn't let me be.

Once there visited a girlfriend of her with her daughter them. She got some girls clothes from her daughter sometimes. And when the 2 kids were playing you could think this are 2 girls. And once I remember he also was wearing a skirt at home.

A very enlightened mother and friend who doesn't place such archaic rules on gender ex<x>pression. Did the boy ever get to wear dresses or skirts and you as well.