Forced To Wear Tights

At age 7 our school play caused me to have to wear red tights. I fought it at first, but then really liked it. My mom could see that I liked it so she bought me many pairs of tights. That expanded into baby doll top, girls blouses and maryjane shoes. She would take me shopping i just my tights and a top and maryjane shoes. My hair was still short so everyone knew I was a sissy boy. She finally let me grow my hair out and I looked like the little girl she wanted. At home I always had to wear tights and a top or a dress. I always wore tights under my boy clothes at school but always had to change onece home. the boys at school new I was a sissy when they would see me in my tights in gym class but eventually they got used to it. Them mom started having me wear leotard in gym class. She told the school that I wanted to be a girl and said it was okay to do gym with girls. By the third grade I went to school fully dressed in dresses and tights and girl shoes. By this time everyone accepted me as the sissy boy who dressed like a girl. To this day I wear tights 24-7 even to bed with a baby doll top.
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you were so lucky

Good for you, Tommy, and what a great Mom you have. She obviously recognized the girl within you and helped you to explore, appreciate and enjoy the femme within. I hope you have thanked her.

Loved to go to school inabskirt

Great story, one experience can lead to many more in the process. I love how you didn't tell but made it obivious you liked to wear tights. It now leads to blouses and shoes.

My only wish in life is that my school play could've been a few years earlier then i could've gone to school as a girl all the time in lower school