It Was Only Natural

When I was little, my dad was very ill, and not around much, so all my contact was with females. My mom, aunt, grandmothers, cousins... all took very good care of me. They were the symbols of strength and "goodness" in my life. Most of the other little boys in our neighborhood teased me and beat me up. All my adult peers kept saying "what a lovely boy," "he should be a girl with those eyes," things like that. It made me feel odd.

As I got up around 6, I was "in love" with one cousin, in the sense that I wanted not only to be with her, but to be her! Something about her made an odd (at that time) tingling in my crotch and nipples.

One day when I was about 10 my mom took me to our spare room and said she had a surprise. She had two large clothing boxes, and a shopping bag of something. She opened one of the boxes, and there was a dress just like my cousin had! I couldn't believe it! I felt excited and confused at the same time!

She told me to undress and took a pair of cute panties out of the bag. Taking off my briefs, I slipped on the panties, then a training bra. She had to help me hook it in back. I really can't recall if I got physically aroused, but I was breathless!

I slipped on the dress, a blue and white checked thing as was popular then, then some white socks and patent white strappy shoes. My hair was pretty short, but she put a barrette in front that sort of gave the impression of more behind it.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn't believe it! I was almost my cousin's twin! I was in heaven!

She finished by putting just a bit of lipstick on my lips, then we went for a drive. Everything seemed electric, exciting! Then she got kind of serious and told me I shouldn't tell my dad about this, but that we could be mom and daughter sometimes in the future.

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Que linda... vocĂȘ tem muita sorte...

You have a very lovely Mother sissy!