Girls Clothing

Though I'm never being drest as a girl by my mother, I'm like to wear little girls clothes. Sinds I was a boy a had this feelings but it started to show of jut a few years ago. Now I'm fantasising me being a little girl, also as little maid and now I'm trying to live my fantasy.
Uptill now I like and it makes me feel comfortable and good.

laikagirl laikagirl
51-55, M
3 Responses May 17, 2012

Thank you the BillyOrTheBillie, I will

Thank you all for responding, I really like that. It makes me understand that I'm not the onlyone like this

Thanks, tghubby. Nice of you to react, I really do enjoy it and I'm wearing it out each time just a little more and I have gret fun with it.

Delayed from most of us, but better late than never and that's great. No doubt you can live your fantasy, but more as a woman than a little girl, and enjoy it. Have fun.