Date Boys...

My stepmother never really disapproved of my dressing up as girl, which i discover in my early teens. She actually encouraged me and provided me with the prettiest of girls clothes(at first supposedly accidentally as in "there's a box of your cousin's stuff i put in your spare closet for safekeeping"-strangelyi enough all brandnew and all in my exact size - later once she "accidentally" caught me dressed much more directly) as she found it "darling" as she regularly exclaimed in her sweetish taunting manner( in a slight foreign accent-she always reminded me of a brunette ZsaZsa Gabor). She did however pretend to be worried about me becoming a lesbian so in the end she forced me to have boyfriends and relentlessly set me up on dates with young men she or her friends knew. She even set up a profile in contact magazine for me where i was supposedly frantically looking for suitable men and where i(she) was posting my sexiest pictures......Never recovered from all that and still am a men-only girl now.

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Wish my stepmom had been more supportive

WOW, what a stepmother!