This story is about my Thanksgiving and how great it was.

I woke up that morning in my nightgown and yawned, noticing it was Thanksgiving I wanted to be ready. I went into my closet that had a bunch of outfits to choose from. I pulled out a light brown and white dress along with dark purple tights. A smile grew on my face as I turned with my mom standing at the door. She said I looked beautiful and asked if she could do my hair and make up after breakfast. Of course I asked why, but we were going to my cousin's house for dinner and it takes time to get there. Anyways, I went down to eat breakfast. I grabbed a small bowl of cereal and went to watch TV. A short while into eating, I realized that my cousin's never saw me as a girl before and think i'm a guy still. I told my mom, and she said they're also girls now. I talked to your aunt and she agrees that every kid in the family should be a girl she said.

After my mom doing my hair in a beautiful way, I had to pick out shoes. I decided to wear my black mary janes since they go good with the outfit. I put them on over the shoeless tights and felt better. I put a flower in my hair and walked out the front door of the house and into the car. I buckled my self into a seat while my mom got in. I keep stroking my hands along my tights because they were so comfortable. Soon during the ride I fell asleep, and when I woke up I was in my cousin's driveway. I unbuckled myself, sat up, and look to my side and saw a bunch of girls playing in the front and then I remembered it's my cousin's dressed as girls.

I got out of the car and ran over to my cousin's. I was surprised that they were happy to see me when because of me they were dressed as girls. But, I didn't care. I just played with them until dinner. Which turned out to be great and I had a great day at my cousin's house.

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What a fun day. So did you play girly games and have girl talk with your cousins?

No girl talk but, we did play dress up.

Awesome ...