Daddies Little Boy To Mommies Little Girl

My mom was actually a coal miners daughter, In fact she was one of eight girls. They all lived in a little house in coal town and while they had everything they needed there was little money left for the things that they wanted. Being the seventh sister she had lived in hand me downs most of her life.

She also never had a doll to play with so she would play dress up with her baby sister mending the tattered outfits and making them more stylish when she could. When mom was old enough to work she saved her money to buy clothes and she never wore hand me downs again.

She met my Daddy and soon there was a baby on the way. The women in the neighborhood always came to a lady named Sabinas house when they with child because Sabina was the equivalent to an ultrasound in those days. She would take a needle on a piece of thread and hold it over the womans tummy the needle would start to swing and if it moved straight back and forth the baby was going to be a boy if it moved in a circle the baby would be a girl. Sabina held the needle and it moved in a circle, She said "it's a girl" and all the ladies rejoiced that mom was going to have a daughter.

Mom went home and a few days later clothes her sisters came to the house with bags full of baby clothes from my older cousins. My mom was just livid and she told them that she hasn't worn hand me downs since she left home and that her daughter wouldn't either. She told them to take their "rags" and leave which they did because they were very much aware of just how viscious my mom could be when she was angry.

Well needless when i was born they learned that you can't always trust needles to say if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. :) I had ruined Sabinas perfect record and caused quite a bit of disapointment to my moms plans of dressing her new baby in the outfits that she had purchased and already arranged in my pretty pink bedroom at home. My daddy was thrilled and very happy to have a son, I became his namesake and from what mom says i took to him instantly. Dad went home that night and painted my room baby blue and even purchased a little outfit to bring me home in.

There are no big suprises in this part of the story as we all know what's going to happen next and it happened exactly as you would expect when mom brought me home i became shomewhat of a living baby doll and she dressed me in every outfit that she had already purchased when i was supposed to be a girl. Now when my daddie came home he was less than pleased and the fights were epic smashed dishes furniture etc. I spent most of the first year of my life dressed in pink which had began as moms indulgence in wanting to have a baby girl and continued in her defiance of my daddies orders for her to stop.

Now that would be the end of the story until you realize that i had been taken to family functions and out and about town dressed as a baby girl and all of the pictures of me and my other cousins are of me in pink or something girly and the other in clothes of their own genders. It certainly made life a bit tougher when trying to be one of the boys when i grew a bit older and i was never able to live it down. in fact it became sort of a family thing to dress me in girl clothes and the older girls loved to do that anytime they had the chance.

My cousin Darla was 16 when i was born and got the biggest kick from dressing me in her younger sisters clothes when she would babysit me and she treated me like a little girl all of the time. we would snuggle up up the couch and watch tv and just have the greatest time and when Darla turned 19 and got a place of her own, i would go there and spend weekends as jennifer. it was the most loving environment i had ever known. Mom by this time had given birth to my younger brother whom she had become very attached to and had very little use for me anymore. Darla was beautiful and had quite a few boyfriends but her favorite was Jack. i can remember Jack would come over and watch movies with us and i would curl up on his lap and lay my head on his chest. One evening I fell asleep on his lap and while Darla had gone to the corner store for something i wet myself in my sleep. Jack picked me up and layed me on the coffee table and started to clean me up when he removed my soaked panties he found quite a suprise, Darlas girl cousin was a boy. Darla walked in and saw him standing over me with my panties in his hand and it started something that would end up changing every aspect of my life to this day.
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I don't think Sabina's needle was in error, as you've since discovered.

My mom was told by a friend's aunt, who was a midwife, that she was carrying a girl. It probably explains why mom would do little things now and then, which allowed me to discover the girl within.

Well I want to know more. What happened next?

great story lucky you please add me as friend

WOW great story I would love to continue the story in the future as I am anxious to find out what your big change is going to be.

Fabulous sweetie

GREAT Story, Jen...Really enjoyed reading it!

I see your working on the next chapter, but how long are we gonna have to wait, till the end of this year?

Sounds like you've had an interesting life so far, from the start, Jen. I too started the same way with the needle thing and yes my mom and all her friends were excited that I was going to be a girl. Surprise, when the doctor who delivered me announced I was a boy. Everything my parents had bought for me before I arrived was for a baby girl and that is pretty much all I wore for the first year of my life. Guess the needle was right and the doctor didn't recognize that I was a girl, but with a small birth defect between my legs.

I am so glad you have a mother like you do and Darla as well, so the true girl in you could come out. Just because you have an abnormal growth between your legs does not mean the needle swung incorrectly.