Caught And Punished

My story is a little different. My mom didn't dress me, but I did it on my own. I am now 67 and at the age of 6 I began wearing panties and other lingerie. Mostly my auntie's as I stayed in her house after school. I got caught so many times. Back then the adults were ignorant of CD/TV/TG people so all I got was punished. sometimes severely. I tried to tell my mom I wanted to be a girl but she would just tell me I was sick and there was a place for people like me. I used to dream about this lovely place where the boys dressed like girls. Anyway I dressed whenever I could in secret until I met my girlfriend who helped me dress. It was with her the first time I dressed completely with all the clothes, makeup and wig. It was wonderful. I think it is wonderful with all the understanding and resources that are now available for young CD's, TV's, and TG's. It sure would be wonderful to know what I know now and be able to go back in time.
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Thank you Fran. It is so wonderful to now be able to share what we would so loved to have done at an earlier age. I have always so admired girls and woman...and am so glad when I can slip into their world, yessssssssssss...full silky slips with a lovely lacy bra, silky panties, nylons and pretty dress and heels and just be the inner me...and loving it.

if i told my mother what i know today what i want t be iammsure my mom help me too ,, but never to be forgotten first gartered stockings ... and first bra ..heel..skirt and all fantastic orga....

Although I was first "caught" at 14, dressing in women's clothes, that became a privilege and not a punishment. Mother provided me with a safe home in which to have a closet, while learning to appear straight in my home town. Going to a college dorm was when life got brutal. No closet.

That's very sweet that your mom helped you out. I can only imagine the torment at college though.

Yes we all had fun when we first began wearing girls clothes. But I don't think we were as aware of all that it was going to change our lives. I know I thot it was natural to wear dresses until I reached puberty. Then it was too late to change back.

Many of us were drawn to women's clothes at a very young age. I was 4 or 5 when I discovered pantyhose, and I was 6 or 7 when I first tried on mom's clothes. No Internet back then and I was very confused, scared, but couldn't stop.

The Internet helped me realize I want alone and by talking to others I finally came to terms with who I am.

I too started dressing when I was 6 but fortunately my mom, unlike your's, thought it was cute to see me dressed like my two best friends, who happened to be girls. True, it would be wonderful to go back in time, knowing what we know now ... but at least you had a girlfriend, Fran, who helped you dress and that is great.

Congratulations on your first story, Francene. You will soon see how quickly other girls reach out to share. I am glad to be one of your first EP friends and look forward to you making many more and to reading more of your stories!

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