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Caught By Mom

I remember the first time my mom caught me dressed in her clothes. I was wearing a little mini sun dress with heels and stockings. My heart sank and my stomach felt like it came up. I ran and hid for a couple of hours. The only thing she said was that I could move in a pair of heels, but then I don't think it would have mattered if I had snapped an ankle, LOL... My mom came home early and caught again about a week later 

The second time she cought me I was wearing a one piece outfit made from terry cloth type material. It was so soft and felt so nice on my body. I was a late bloomer when it came to puberty. I don't think that I got any body hair until I was around 16 or 17, so I had smooth, soft skin. Sorry, back to the story! I dacing around and having a good time. I was my own little party. Little did I realize that my mom had been standing there watching me for about 19 minutes, when I turned around and seen her. She smiled and told me that she should have called me Deanna. I still use that name, I love it.

My mom would dress me on the weekends after that. She made be her daughter from the time I got home from school on Friday until Monday morning. My mom still buys me lingerie for my Birthday and Christmas. Sometime I will put them on and take a picture and send it to her, telling her thanks for the gift. My mom tought me alot about being a woman and wearing makeup. We were probably too close for some peoples comfort, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

bicleveland bicleveland 36-40, M 31 Responses Mar 2, 2009

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I remember the time I was accused of a stealing a watch my my cousin then she came to sarch it at school

Soo cute

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you are lucky plzzz add

You are so lucky !!

hey girlfriend we just can't resist trolling this site can we

I have fun here and have met some very nice people, so yeah it is nice. Have a great day !!

lucky you. your mom was so understanding even enoughvto help you. n now buys lingerie for you.

you were very lucky

Sounds like a wonderful relationship.

i remember others teaching the girl i loved how to be a girl as she had been forced to be a boy up till 8 th grade and even then i was the only one out side the family that knew the truth<br />
and she had to learn alot of it before the spring dance as she went to a school dance for the frist times as a young lady then between the end of 8 thgrade and the start of summer school she rallyhad to learn a lot more as it would be the first time in her life she went to school as a girl<br />
<br />
but we had a lot of support<br />
<br />
<br />
Roberat<br />
born 11/1947<br />
married 12/27/1961<br />
killed 1/14/1967<br />
<br />
i miss you

What a neat story and thank you for sharing. Different than mine, but every bit as exciting and fun.

What a wonderful Mom (remindes me a bit of my own) and how you must have looked forward to those weekends. No doubt she was proud to have you as her daughter.

i was caulght in my sisters french maid coustume.<br />
the day after holloween. when i was 15 years old. by my mom<br />
i had it all on to.<br />
white pantys--white garterbelt--white fishnet stockings--stuffed bra--dress--hat and black hi heals.<br />
she stayed home from work i thaut she was gone i walked out of the bathroom ther she was standing tere lookin at me i ran. she seid come out hear. you make a pritty maid.<br />
for punishment she made me clean the whole house top to bottom. dressed as a maid. it took like 6 hours and my sister was laffing for most of the day as i was cleaning she got home @ 11:00am.<br />
dad came home about 4:00 also laffing they thaut i shuold take all the garbage out to crub wile i still had my dress on it was daytime to.all the nabors seen me. <br />
she seid do you still want to be a maid i sied no butt i love to wear girl cloaths. she sied thats fine i just wanted you to see how a woman feels like 1st.<br />
so i went up to my room kicked off my heels & went rite to sleep. my feet hurt<br />
the next day she woake me up still in the dress. she sied come downstars and eat brectfist. oh leav it on we ate i cleand the mess. she sied get changed. we are going shopping.<br />
i gave my sister her stuff back nex time just ask me. & please never wear my underwaer.<br />
so me mom &sis went to koles she baught me 6 peirs of pantys 3 bras a black & pink garterbelt <br />
3 differnt colors of pantyhose 2 pirs of 3" heels 1 black 1 pink 2 cuit shirts & 2 skirts 1 sexy short dress and very sexy pink 1 pice bikini swimsuit thanks mom & sis ilove you.<br />
<br />
we went home and they had me try it all on they made shure it all fit me rite it did she huged me then sied ilove you i sied can i wear my dress today she sied yes you can go be my littelgirl.<br />
my sis did my makeup did my hear they sied i looked buitful & sied i could pass for a girl.<br />
so we walked around at the park with sister nobody could tel i was a boy.<br />
i even go to the public swiming pool wearing a skirted two pice bikini swimsuit .<br />
<br />
with my brest fourms in my bikini top noone can tell.

What a great family ... love their reaction, especially your mom taking you out shopping for panties, bras and girl clothes, and your sis doing your makeup. Awesome ...

What a great understanding mother

Great story.My mom caught me also.I always loved her clothes, nylons and heels especially.<br />
Louise CD

I only wish that I could of had a relationship like that the few time that I got cot derssed up were very diferent for me my family did not except the idea of a boy that did not "fit in " and would not alow me to explore this very good side of my life

My what a wonderful Mom. My Mom bought me clothes but told me that I had to stay in my room when I wore them.

mom put me in tights when i was a boy and of course i wanted to see what her clothes were like<br />
she knew and even helped <br />
i loved being her daughter in nylons and heels she always dresed me properly like a lady

Moms just know. Thats a touching story. thanx

I wish my mother had been that understanding at first, she didn't come around till years later, she used to make me feel very guility and ashamed of what I was doing, but I couldn't stop, I figure that is why she came to accept it.

I don't know how many mother would have been as understanding as you mom, I wish I had been more truthful with my mom. Thank you for sharing. Elizabethjane

you were very lucky wish I'd been raised like that

Mom taught me how to attach garter tabs to my nylons! She never encouraged me to dress like her, but she didn't discourage me either. ;-)

LOVE the story. i wish

your a very lucky girl to have a mom like that

That first time you get caught is such a mind blower, but having a mom that is actually cool about it is something that makes all those confused feelings a little more bearable.

Did your mother ever take you out crossdressed as a girl? Mine did. I know the greatest fear was being discovered at an early age. Did anyone ever see you outside dressed in your frillies? I was real lucky, no one ever seen me, that I knew. This was because we went by car mostly. If it was in the morning and had to walk, my mother would place a wig on me, at least the first year.

You lived a dream, that most of us would love to have had.

How Nice it would have been, to be able to have had that type of relationship, with my mother!

Very lucky Lady to have a Mom that treated you with love and respected who you are.

i had a similar relationship with my was nice to have my mother love me in a way that nobody else would understand...

what a sweet story.