Caught And Dressed

When I got back to the apt. from my pervy prof. b.j.  I felt so horny, and slutty.  I came in and went right to bed as I was kind of tired.  I did close and lock the door and put my off black hose back on and a night shirt and had a j/o session.  Which didn't last long as I was so horny.  Then I had a good night sleep.  That morning I got up and while my mom was in the shower I put her things back in the dirty clothes.  And figured I made it.  No harm no fowl.  That day I had the prof. class.  So I wore some biege hose under my jeans which had holes in them.  I put tennis shoes on and a shirt with a sweater as it was chilly that day.  So hey good day to wear hose.  I went to my classes.  Then it was to my prof. class.  As I was sitting ther I would catch him staring at some other girls who were wearing hose and then he would look a me.  He noticed that I had hose on under my jeans which I could tell really excited him.  After class was done and I got back to the apt.  I saw my mom sitting at the table.  She had the clothes  that I had worn last night.  Skirt, blouse, coat on the kitchen table.  I came in and put my back pack down.  She said can you come here for a second.  I was so nervous and terrified.  She asked were you wearing my things.  I didn't say anything.  She said well lets put 2 and 2 together.  You stay here and I am staying here.  So yep you must have been wearing them.  My face felt so flush.  She said besides you or your friend.  Left a mess on my blouse.  I got up and looked and was thinking noway.  And sure there it was.  A *** stain on the blouse.  Must have happened when he was ******* and I couldn't swallow it fast enough.  She goes I am not really to mad about it.  But you got some explaining to do.  As I got you some stuff so you wouldn't be sneaking into my things.  So explain.  I didn't even know where to begin.  I said its kind of long.  She looked at me and said you have class what time tomorrow.  I said around 10:30 am.  She said well then its around 3:00 p.m. you have time.  So I took a big gulp and laid it all out.  That was a pretty nerve racking and scary ordeal for me.  I would have been caught by the security gaurd.  After a while when I was done my mom was just sitting there quiet.  She got up and went into the room she was staying in.  I just turned around and left and went to the libary.   When I came home.  My mom was in the kitchen.  I came in and got some water.  She said this is kind of hard for me.  But, are you at least practicing safe sex.  I told her yeah I am.  Except for last night I wasn't.  She said good I don't want you to get anything.  She then asked me if I was going to see my prof. again.  I said I don't know.  She told me that she had a crush on her prof. when she was in school.  It didn't turn out to anything I did.  But she kind of understood the attraction.  And the new ways of beliefe on the subjects of bisexual and lesbian, and gay which were taboo.  Are now more common in everyday life.  And subject.   She knows that you can't hide or be afraid of who you are and want to be.  She said well if your going to go out again with him.  Then we should get you something more better and femme to wear.  I was a little shocked as I thought my mom was going to have a melt down.  Well she sort of did but in her own way.  She told me that the clothes my prof. had ruined were now mine.  As she said she couldn't handle wearing them after knowing what I and he did in them.  

Now the cool thing about my mom is that when she would go shopping she would go shopping.  Pretty much buy everything new.  She took me shopping to help me get something good for our next date if there is one.  She got me a few skirts and nice tops.  Which I liked and how they fit.  As I did have to try them on.  Plus I was still wearing my hose under my jeans as I didn't change.  She had me get a few more pairs of pantyhose and bras my choice.  Which was pretty nice.  And some high heels which I also had to try on.  Which I thought looked so good as I was wearing hose and jeans and heels for a bit.  She then got me a make up kit.  So I would have everything I would need.  After that we got home and I took my new things to my room and marvled at them.  Then the door before my mom was going to leave.  The prof. called me and wanted to meet me again.  I said ok.  Then my mom sprung into action.   She made sure I shaved everything.  Then she had me shower and use some of her more softer feeling soap.  After that I dried off and she had me use loation as that makes the skin more soft and smooth.  Then she told me to get ready.  She came In right after I got my panties on which were white lacey ones.  Then I put on some darkish biege control pantyhose.  Which felt real soft and smooth.  Had a bit of a shine to them.  She then helped me with my bra which was also white and lacey.  Then came my jean skirt which was about mid thigh.  And a purplish sweater top.  Which actually made me look more fem.  Then my mom said ok now with the make up.  I let you do it and I will help where you might need it.  I put my wig cap on.  As that does help with the eyelift. I was a bit nervous but I ended up getting it together.  Then just started to apply the make up like I  normally do.  After I was done I looked at my mom.  My mom had a smile with a bit of a tear.  She said I looked pretty.  I then grabbed my auburn shoulder legnth wig and put it on.  My mom then handed my some knee high 4in stiletto heel boots that were black.  I was surprised.  She said I saw you looking at these at the shoe store.  So I decided to get them for you.  I was so pleased.  I put them on.  They made my legs look so sexy and made me feel so sexy and fem.  After I was done my mom said where do you need to go I will drop you off.  I said he wants to meet me at hotel.  She said ok but becarfull ok.  I said I will.  So I grabbed my coat and we jumped in the car.  Off to the hotel.  I felt so girly as we were driving to the hotel.  As we got there.  My mom dropped me off and told me to have a good time.  But said becarfull one last time.  I gave her a kiss and said I will.  My mom said I will be at the apt. if you need anything.  As she drove off I walked up to the room #11 which was on the bottom floor.  I got to the door and knocked He opened the door and invited me in.  I went in and he commented me again on how I looked.  I told him thanx.  I didn't tell him that my mom helped out with outfit.  After we talked a bit the kissing began.  And we laid on the bed and started our ritual feeling eachother.  And him rubbing my hosed legs.  Then came me going down on him again.  But this time I was a bit more cautious about having him *** quickly again.  He even decided to go down on my for a bit.  Which felt so good as he was kissing my **** threw my hose.   Then he started to suck on it.  Then came the passionate sex.  Which was by the way very passionate.  As he made love to me in my pantyhose, siletto heel boots, and purplish sweater.  Was very nice and pleasuring.  When we were all done.  I cleaned up a bit.  And he did the same and he drove me home.  We kissed for a bit outside my apt. in his car.  You could see sun starting to come up.  After which we both decided it was time to call it a night or day which ever.  I left his car and went inside.  As he drove off I was thinking how I was starting to fall in love with him.  After I got inside I went in and got undressed and took a shower and cleaned up.  I went to sleep.  Later that after noon my mom came in.  She saw that I was wearing some pantyhose as I was wearing some navy colored pantyhose and a blue night shirt.  She tickled my foot and told me to wake up.  I opened my eyes and pulled my hosed foot back under the covers.  She asked how things went.  I told her they went good.  She smiled and left it at that.  She told me that she washed my things I wore that night and put them on the chair.  I told her thanx.  I was real surprised that my mom was so open to me dressing as when she caught me she really wasn't.  Like I said before.  If I don't see it then it didn't happen.  But now she kind of wanted to be a part of it.   She gave me a kiss and she closed the door and headed for home.  I never thought my mom would be helping me get ready for a date, of the same sex.  And me being the female.   

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I just hope that your shoes and bag were coordinated!

Very good story!

That is so hot.

Well honey you win some and lose some and thats just how it is sometimes. Sad fact of life I know trust me.

I think no. She uses to consider crossdressers and transvestites as people with serious psichiatric issues. She's disgusted by them and will always refuse the idea of her son being interested in those things

M sorry to hear that hon. Did she ever come to accept it at all.

you are so lucky. I was 17 when my mom caught me hosed and she couldn't tolerate it at all. She said i mustn't do it anymore, but she discovered i was still doing it while at college. She became suspicious when i got shaved (for swimming i had told her) and she entered my email and read my messages on some pantyhose forums. A bad stroke for her. She was so disappointed.

Thanx hon. Am glad you enjoyed it. I think I was scared, excited, and relieved. While living it. Lol. But thank you for your comments they do mean alot to me. As some of us on the experience proj. Get chances to live some of these out while others only get to dream about them. xoxoxox so Thank you.

Thank you.

This is one of the nicest stories I have read. you are a lucky girl

Yeah your telling me. I can't imagine what would have happened if my mom would have went ballistic. So yes I am very fortunate and just damn lucky to have a mom like that.