My Party Dresses

  WhenI was 11, my mother thought that all boys should wear dresses.  I was dressed for the first time in a yellow party dress withe flowers embroidered along the hem.  She had me remove all my boys clothing.   she then put me in panties, a full slip and followed by the dress.  She also had me try on 2 others, 1 blue and a green one that had a daisy print on it.   This was not a punishment.  She told me the only time I would wear boys clothing would be for school.  So everyday after school, I would be put into a dress.  For the nexr 5 years this was a daily occurence.   During school breaks or for the summer vacations I wore my dresses.  I think my aunt talked my mother into this because she always referred to me as a little sissy.  I also recognized some of the dresses that belonged to my female cousins.  My mother also took pictures of me dressed and sent them to my aunt.  My cousin sometimes if I stayed there would dress me up as well (I think she knew).  My aunt would even send me girls toys for christmas and my birthday.  My mother never admitted where she got the idea from, I could only suspect.  Also after my mother passed away the pictures disappeared. 

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Nice story, thanks for shearing.

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I was dressed as a girl by my mom for Halloween only but I found it fit in with my homosexual desires later on. I was never dressed as a woman when I went out picking up men but I fantasized about it. I really wonder how I would have reacted to being taken out shopping in a skirt and makeup as some of you have spoken about. Oh well.

I did that as a kid I was my sisters baby doll practically I was dressed as a girl put in a diaper makeup and was paraded around like that as a baby I had long hair so I could pass for a baby girl so I got used to it

My mom always had me wear panties, slips, bras, and dresses at home. I could never have male toys only dolls and such. She later said it was to keep me from being a wild Indian around the house. She also taught me to curtsey for male visitors that came to visit mom. I'm 60 now and wearing dresses has been a lifelong passion and I have never considered a life in which I wasn't in a woman's role

Me too Jacks and isn't it great we had moms like ours!

When I was a child in the 50s ,pinaforing was not forbidden and I think moms knew if their boys were masculine or feminine

Wow, my Mom did the same thing, I always had to wear dresses as a child. I never had anything but panties for underpants. I love her dearly as she taught me to love clothing and she let me know that I wasn't the same as most boys. As I got older she even encouraged my same sex encounters

lucky lady now you hav eso sweet aunt andmother iwish to have the same but..

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I think you were a very lucky boy, to be allowed to try out your feminine side. I wish others would share their pictures and stories. Elizabethjane

my mom did not get me started,it was an aunt,she did not have kids,she would keep me on weekends and always dressed my like a girl,I always liked it,but my best memory was of a neighbor,she had two daughters,one year she dressed us like The Andrews Sisters,complete with wigs,makeup,dresses,fully fashioned backseamed stockings,and highheeled sandals,just like in the 40s,we went to a local school for a Halloween party,we sang and won,we had a great time,after it was over we went to her house,I did not want to change,and she did not make me,I spent the weekend there as Maxine Andrews,she was always buying be dresses,slips stockings etc,I was 12 then.My mom was ok with it,so I just kept doing it.

bobbie13 - I think your picture you have here is just darling. You look so cute I see why you were dressed as such. Do you have regrets or ashamed of the way you were treated? Some would and some wouldn't. Thanks for sharing your story.

my sisters make me get naked in front of them then put on a pair of there panties i usto to refuse and they would hold me down and ***** me themselfs but now i just do what they say they out number me

denasmiles,<br />
I have never found them. My aunt who I knew had copies of the pictures never gave them to me, <br />
she might have gave them to my cousin (a girl). The photo albums my mother had disappeared<br />
from her home, but there were a huge number of relatives there so I don't have a clue who may have taken them.

First the dresses were aimed for a girly girl. They had puffed short sleeves, two inch wide ribbons around the waist that tied in a bow in the back, The dresses were made of satin or silk and trimmed in one inch lace. The petticoats that were attached were fully and puffy with multi-la<x>yers of lace. The purpose of this was to make the dress stand-out from the dress, sort of like hoop-skirts. <br />
Two of the children I babysit were to young to know, but one did know I was a boy. His mother dressed him in gowns. So I don't know if he ever knew that boys generally wear dresses. I do know he wore baby girl dresses, I saw them in his closet. His underwear was training pants. Training pants as you probably know look like panties but are thicker in case the child wets themselves.<br />
My aunt did not like me from the time I was born, I don't know why. I do know that her daughter<br />
when I was 2 tried to kill me by feeding me Lye Chrystals. As I look over what she did to me and the lies she told to my mother about me I suspect that she may have been involved in it. I don't blame my cousin (a female) for it, because she was only 3 at the time. My mother informed me when I got older that my aunt had said my cousin had done it and that my cousin had thought it was candy. My cousin was to young to be questioned by the authorities. My aunt would not even address me by my name, I was either Robin or Bobbie. Once or twice she called me Roberta, a name to which I hate to this day.

no i dot not know how frilly little girls dress was in 1961 when you was babysit did kids you was babysit think you was a girl and think what your anut did to you was crule

I was only allowed to wear dresses. Of course I had to wear panties and such. My mother would take me shopping with her after she put a wig on me, otherwise you could tell I was a boy. I had this done up til I was 16. At least you got a 2 yr. break. Besides going shopping and a few other places I at 13 had to start babysitting my mothers friends. A couple of her friends would only allow me to babysit while dressed as a girl. My party dresses always had petticoats sewn inside, with these I wore panties and tights with maryjane shoes. I don't know if you remember how frilly little girls party dresses were in 1961. As I grew older and boys hair styles became longer she would fix my hair for me along with barrettes, hair clips or ribbons. The only thing I hated during this period was going to my father's sister. My Aunt would shortly after I got there put me in a very frilly dress, petticoat, pettipants and maryjanes. The cruelest part was she would tell anyone that came over to her house was that I was a boy, who was a sissy. She even told her paperboy when he came to collect for his route.

unlike you my mother would allow me to pick between wear a skirt or a dress i mysile pefer a skirt to a dress but if i was be take out by my mother to see a show or going to cinema or to a party then be made to wear a dress and i was dress as a girl from aog of 10 that was in 1967 and she stop dress me as a girl just after i was 14 that was in 1971 and she make me wear white sockes and she only buy me navy blue or black knickers only and at time esp when i was12 dress and skirts i wear was very short at time when we go on hoilday i go as a girl i join day time on hoilday i wear a skirt and join school hoilday in day time i wear a skirt as said above go to see a show i have to wear a dress and also have a olo brother by 2 years but i was only one made to dress as girl my mother call my jenny you are 7 years olo then me i think you be about 16 when short dress come in to fashion

No I wore only dress from age 11 I am 59 now. Mostly I wore girls dresses from 1961 to 1966. My mother never had me wear skirts. The dresses were everyday styles the girls wore back then with the exception of the party dresses most were plain. The party dresses required petticoats or they were already sewn into them. Yes only panties were allowed, no horrid boys underwear as my mother would call them. My mother wasn't the only one, My aunt, if i went there, would have me in a dress shortly after I got there. She said I was a sissy and needed to be treated as such. All of my dresses were button-up-the back dresses. This was so I could not remove them without assistance.<br />
Today I still wear dresses and skirts and have added skorts to my selection of clothing. I am thinly built at 6 ft and 135 lbs so I can still wear girls size 16 to 18 Easter party dresses.

I am small enough that I can still wear girls size 14. The skirt I am wearing now is a girls skirt.

Did you disagree with her decision why did you let her dress you?

i was same as you my mother would make me dress as a girl join school hoilday and weekend and would be made to go hoilday dress as a girl i am now 52 and i was dress as a girl when short skirts was in fashion was you same as me or have short skirts gone out of fashion when you was dress as a girl