I Was All Woman For A Whole Week

I do like the school holidays, everyone goes away on holiday. This year I told everyone we were short on funds and we couldn't go with them, truth is we planned a different kind of time. Well everyone went away and me and my g/f are alone, so every day I got up early went out and bought any shopping we needed and went home. Oh my straight up stairs and put on a bra, full slip and black dress,already wearing stockings, sussies and panties, perfect or so I thought, my g/f pulls out a pair of really sexy high heels, I put these on yeees. I look in the mirror, wow, she then pulls out a long black shoulder length wig, oh my god I am so hard I could blow any moment, she puts it on me, wow wow. All day I'm turned on but my g/f is not interested in sex, she keeps putting it off, she told me I was her girl for the whole week and sex was only going to happen at nighttime. Evening arrives and I go for a bath I ***** off and get in the tub my g/f comes in and washes my back, she tells me that she is going to make me look so much like a girl. She starts by shaving my chest and every where else, she then rubs lotion all over me ooooohh this is good, then she does my face, she plucks my eye brows ouch ouch ouch, but not too much just enough to tidy them, then she does my nails, beautiful bright red nail polish and then she does my toe nails bright red too. My god into my pink frilly knickers and long black nighty and into bed, I exploded after a few minutes but was ready again soon after, it was an amazing night lost track of how many times ( I think I actually run out or produced very little at the end). Next day wore gloves to the shops ( lucky the weather was so bad ) back home changed and this time even got to wear makeup eyeliner, blusher and bright red lipstick, if it wasn't for the beard I would have gone out, I looked and felt amazing, I was a woman. This week has been amazing and I have had amazing sex and I now wish to retire somewhere quiet so I can be a woman all the time again it has been a truely fantastic experience. Ok, I feel that I should tell you of the pit falls of doing this, this is not intended to put you off its just a cautionary warning, there was only two problems I found this week, wearing a wig is amazingly feminine but it gets very warm and I refused to take it off so I over heated a lot, so drink plenty and look for a breeze. The next problem was the high heels, now i have worn smaller heels before but only for short periods, these were high and I have worn them for a week and my legs are really aching. So enjoy youselves but please be carefull.
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4 Responses Aug 13, 2010

yes it is a lot of fun when we dress up to go out to play more fun with two of you all dressed up to the nines then back home to have the best male to male sex you every had in your life

Sounds like my kind of holiday !

Seems you had a delightful vacation except for the two items you mentioned. Glad that you enjoyed yourself.

It would be soo great to actually 'be' a woman for a week. I know it cant happen but I would love to know he feeling. I'm sure there are women who feel the same about men. I think a lot of men and women were born into the wrong gender.