i had known Ellen about two years and we where pretty close friends, she knew about my cross dressing but had always said she did not want to see me dressed. so one night when she asked me if i still cross dressed i was a bit surprised but not as surprised as when she asked me if i would get dressed for her. i asked her if she was serious and when she said yes i agreed. i unlocked the wardrobe where i kept my female clothes and she helped choice my outfit.
i picked out a black lacy basque, black thong and black stockings. Ellen selected a short black dress that fastened with buttons at the front from the hem, which was mid way between my bum and my knees, up to the neck. she added a pair of black four inch stiletto heeled shoes. next she helped me with my long brunette wig and then came the make up.
she really went to town putting bright red nail polish on my fingers then started on my face. she applied foundation, blusher, eye liner, ma scare and lipstick taking her time and doing a professional job. when i looked in the mirror i was amazed at how good she had made me look. she undid a couple of the buttons on my dress, from the bottom so when i walked i would flash my stocking tops and at the top so that the lacy top of my basque was on show. with my silicone breast forms making my boobs look big and my heels making my legs look pretty good i felt so sexy and horny. Ellen had also dressed sexy and looked even more beautiful and sexy than ever.
we took many photos of each other getting dressed and posing while dressed.
 we spent the evening just being two girls together. apart from some hugs and kisses there was nothing sexual happened between us, mainly as she stated she would feel like a lesbian if we had sex while i was dressed and she was not into that.

we had many sessions getting made up and dressed and photographing each other. Ellen would often turn up at my place with some feminine article for me be it a blouse or a skirt or underwear. so when she moved to Edinburgh a couple of years ago i really missed her and still do.  
Cyclopes66 Cyclopes66
51-55, M
Sep 20, 2012