Shopping For School Clothes

I am 13 but cos I was born prematurely I am developmentally delayed. I am not very coordinated and my balance isnt so good and i am still pretty small for my age. I am 4-9 and weigh 65 pounds. I look like Im a 10 year old. I also have incontinence problems so I have to wear diapers. To make it easy to change me mom makes me wear dresses or skirts all the time.

So like before school opened this year we were shopping at this kind of old store thats kind of junky but mom like it because the prices are good and we were in the childrens department looking at dresses for me, Mom found two she liked and then she looked for the dressing rooms and they were like way down at the other end of this long room we were in. It was hot and mom was tired so she said shes not walking all the way down there. I did not think we were going to get them but mom say thats what you think. I had to step behind this rack of clothes and take the dress I was wearing off and give it to mom. Im stand there in my slip and other mothers and kids were there shopping too. So Im like dying. Then mom gave me one of the new dresses to try on and I did and I came out from behind the rack so mom could see me. Then I had to take that one off and this lady comes up and asks mom where the dressing rooms were and mom told her and the lady looked at me in my slip and said well thats one way to do it.

Then I tried on the second dress and after mom saw me in it I had to take it off but she didnt give me my own dress back. I had to follow mom around to another rack in my slip and try to stay hid but ppl saw. I tried on three more dresses but we only bought two of them in all.

I hope we never go back to that store.
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Aww that's so cute. I think it's adorable that you're still so small (and in diapers) I would love to chat sometime if you'd message me :)