Halloween Costume Torture

Hi this story is from when i was around 10-12 so listen close.

When i was 11 Halloween was coming up and i live with my mom we didn't have alot of money to buy clothes and a costume so we only bought a costume i said i wanted the jason one but we only had $ 30 and it was $ 50 so there wasn't much  choices so when i was in a diffrent isle my mom got a sissy alice in wonder land costume."Mom  i don't want that costume it's too silly" i said with an angry voice " son, you have too it's cute maybe you can be mommy's little girl" she said "well im not wearing it!" i said " oh yes you are i pay you wear" she said with an angry voice so she went to buy the costume and the cashier said" oh do you have a daughter wanting this?"  " no it's for my son will" " oh how cute how old is he" " 11 he wants to be mommy's little girl" after she bought it we went home." MOM  how could you embarrass me like that!" " sorry son but we don't have alot of money so i had to buy it plus you'll look so cute" when we got home she made me put it on " ill help you try it on ok"  i couldn't disobey her so i put took off my clothes and my mom grab some panties "put these on first" i obeyed and put them on,next she made put on the silly baby blue skirt. Then i grabbed the pantyhose, as i slipped them up my leg they got tighter until i got them past my knee then it felt like a new experience i enjoyed it. after i put on the costume then the wig" let me do your make up willa" " what my name isn't willa it's will!" " not any more im going to change it and you'll be my little girl for now on no more boy life and i'll transfer you to a girls only school so you can act like a girl" i couldn't disobey her so i just ignored it as she put on my make up.when Halloween came i didn't wanna go trick or treating but my mom made me go with the girls on my street not my friends. later when i had to go to school i had no boy clothes only girls clothes plus i had a school uniform to trixty school for girls so i had to make all new friends which were only girls and for all my life i lived a girls life acted like one was nice played hopscotch played with dolls. The end
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Oh how wonderful. Lucky you to have such a caring mom

Wow? I would b in ur shoes. But at my country when i was 11yo wearing girls clothes etc was against the law. I had to spent 3years in mental hospital