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I've been a closet dresser with a fetish/obsession with/for pantyhose since I was a kid. 1st time I went out dressed was to a Halloween party that good friend and lady coworker and her mom was having. I had male roommates at the time but they'd left for the night so I was able to get dressed at home.

I decided to go as a hooker. I wore a shiny red sleeveless spandex mini dress with a short cropped black sweater top, a bra with lite padding, two pairs of suntan pantyhose, even though I shaved my legs prior, a black garterbelt and black thigh highs over the pantyhose, red 4'' pumps, black lace gloves, long haired wig and some make up. I even found a small red purse to hold my cigarettes and wallet items. When I left the house I took a change of male clothes, just in case, even though the party was only a couple blocks away in the same neighborhood.

It was a BYOB, so I needed to stop at the store 1st. I walked in an started getting whistles and cat calls immediately. Not that I was passable. I just looked like a ****. I was incredibly nervous, but I just tried to hide it with a smile, grabbing what I needed and leaving.

Even though I'm not into men as men and they were just giving me crap, I have to say it was an incredible turn on to be out dressed. Even driving my truck with my heels , short dress and exposed pantyhosed legs was extremely sexy. So much so I pulled over down the street and parked so I could enjoy a smoke.

I made it to the party and I was a hit. I didn't know it at the time but there was a costume contest. I won, which was very cool since there were 2 other guys dressed as women, as some really cool costumes. I knew about 3/4 of the people there, which was a shock. If I'd known I probably wouldn't of dressed. But nobody gave me crap after.

During the party I started drinking and when I sat, I had trouble remembering to keep my legs closed and sit like a lady. Since I wasn't wearing panties, I was being reminded by others to cross my legs. I was still trying to be a man so nobody would notice I loved being dressed.

I wound up changing into my jeans, tennis shoes and shirt, leaving the pantyhose on under, and wig and make up.

When I left the party, I wasn't done with Halloween and it was still early only being 11:30ish pm, so I changed back into my girl clothes in my truck. (It was a full size GMC p/up). I drove around and found different places to park and chill out, but then decided to go to a bar called the Peppermil, where I knew the women waitresses would be wearing pantyhose and showing off there gorgeous legs .
It wasn't that busy when I walked in and I was able to sit by the fire pit. The whole ambiance was incredible and others were in costume too.
The waitress came over and she made me feel very comfortable. She commented on my legs, my pantyhose and even my dress. We talked about pantyhose throughout the night when she'd come back over to refresh my coffee. I told her I had a fetish for women in pantyhose which is why I decided to be a hooker and wear them myself. She mentioned she too loved pantyhose. It was a fun night.

I closed the bar and finally had to go home. I relished the drive home across town. Unfortunately it was the last time I went out dressed as a girl.
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Sounds like you had fun