Not Such A Big Deal

I often go dressed up as a girl, and also love it. But, then again, I often wear skirts and dresses in the summer, not to look like a girl, but just because they are more comfortable, so the Halloween thing is not such a big deal for me. A year ago I was at a Halloween dance in "full drag" and went to the restroom. Without even thinking I just lifted up my skirt, used the urinal, and washed my hands. Another guy watched the whole thing and commented on how well I had that routine down. I just looked at him and said, "I HAVE done this before!" He shook his head and walked out, quite puzzled. But using the urinal while wearing a dress or skirt really isn't that hard, after you have done it a few times, but I do remember the first few times it being real tricky.
davyjo davyjo
51-55, M
Jan 21, 2013