Dances Are Fun

Whenever I know there will be dancing at a Halloween party I always wear the shortest frilliest miniskirt I have. Now I won't dance with guys, but many girls get a kick out of "trading parts" while dancing, so I have sort of learned to follow her without stepping on her toes. What is especially cool is if she gets into twirling you around, because then your skirt rides up and all the women get quite a view. I figure its only fair, because I always look up girls' skirts any chance I get, and I always try to insure my partner is "on display" anytime I can twirl her.  And once a few of the women see what happens when I am spun around, suddenly they all want to dance with me and do the same thing!  Its great fun, but you do stay "busy" all night!
davyjo davyjo
51-55, M
Jan 21, 2013