Chocolate Chip Coffee Cookies!

I make batches of home made chocolate chip cookies from time to time, because I love adding tons of chocolate chips in them, just how I like them. I find my cookies to be tastier than any other chocolate chip cookie that I've ever tried except for the ones at a local bakery that make superb chocolate chip cookies. I love nibbling on a cookie while sipping on my milk-splashed coffee. I had a small container of instant coffee crystals in my pantry that I use only when I go camping. I needed to use it up, because I don't like to waste coffee and the crystals were starting to clump into rocks. I decided that I would incorporate them into my next batch of chocolate chip cookies to make them mocha. What a success! The BEST COOKIES IN THE WORLD! In my humble opinion...
But really, they are great. I eat one cookie at a time, slow as possible and savor each nibble. The coffee and chocolate flavor is immense, not just hinted, but flooding my taste buds. *sigh*
Great stuff. I have to wait to have another, they're too rich. I'll sip my coffee in the meantime.
Anavi Anavi
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2012

I'm sooo jealous, you have mocha chocolate chip cookies.