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I drink coffee like it's water.
Cold, no sugar. Hot, no sugar. sometimes with half and half but that's about it.
Now, if I go to Starbucks, that's a different story..... I get a double shot espresso iced coffee [Black Eye grande] with no sweeteners 

I work at a Jewish bakery shop where coffee is literally in front of me when I work 5 days a week. 

it's a part of my life.

YosiCas YosiCas 22-25, F 1 Response May 13, 2012

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Wow, you really drink coffee! I thought I did. That is cool to work at a bakery shop. I have my own coffee business from home but I had to cut back a little. (Cant get high off your own supply) lol

That's leaving the alcohlic in charge of the booze