MmMmMmmmmMmm Coffee

Lately!! iVe Learned How to make Yummy! Yummy!! Coffee!! Mmmmm Coffee!! o.O COFFEE GOOD!! i LIKE! =]

iTS 633 Am iN New York And i Just Drank 2 Coffe Cups! 2 Woo hoo
i Have a Smexy Cup i Drink Coffee in! iTS So Yummy, i Havent Slept Yet Couldnt So i Drank COFFEE! =]
SourLove SourLove
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4 Responses Aug 11, 2007

Coffee is the best thing ever. I love the smell. I love the taste and it looks pretty cool with you first put it in the I would like to send you some FREE coffee.

I've worked at a coffee shop and was constantly drinking it. While working there for 6 months I drank so much coffee, latte', cappacino that I was constantly needing to pee and I've had my fill of coffee for a while, but it is very yummy.

Trying working at a coffee shop, then you'll drink...a lot...of coffee.<br />
<br />
..hmm, that might explain why I'm still up at 1am and need to be at work a 5am. Hmm...

Read this just when I was about to make my morning espresso and had to chuckle. I totally agree. Even though I am kind of a health nut, I won't give up my morning coffee. Definately a minor addiction, but hey...not such a bad vice, in moderation....

Since you're a health nut, I have the perfect coffee for you. It's healthy and it taste great. I can send you some free samples if you like.